Simulation National evaluation 2024. The platform where the papers are uploaded has been blocked

At the National Assessment 2024 simulation exam, approximately 12,000 students among those enrolled in the 8th grade this year were absent, according to a statement sent by the Ministry of Education. The attendance rate was 94%.

The attendance rate for the first mock National Assessment 2024, which took place on Monday 5 February, was 94%. More than 164,000 students out of the almost 177,000 currently enrolled in the 8th grade participated in the first test of the simulation for the 2024 National Assessment: the one in Romanian Language and Literature.

Simulation National assessment 2024. Attendance rate

As a comparison, last year almost 13 thousand students were absent from the simulation of the National Assessment, the Romanian language test, according to data from the Ministry of Education. At that time, 164,009 students were present from the total of over 177,000 students enrolled in the 8th grade at the beginning of the current school year.

“According to the information provided by the county school inspectorates, the attendance rate (data reference time: 14:00) was 93.4%: more than 164,600 students attended from the number of those enrolled in the 8th grade at the beginning of the school year current (176,266 students). 6 students were eliminated as a result of fraud attempts,” the document states. Six students were expelled for allegedly trying to copy.” it is shown in the press release.

Simulation National Assessment 2024. Digital platform crashed

The first trial of the National Assessment 2024 mock exam was also left with a few incidents regarding the platform where students' papers were uploaded. The system crashed in several examination centers and for 20 minutes each.

According to sources, the assistant teachers were put in the position to scan the papers in the presence of the students and upload them to the servers later.

“Considering the overload of the platform, inform the assistants responsible for scanning to scan the works in the presence of the students, and the loading on the platform will be done during the day by the assistants. After scanning the works in the presence of the students, they can leave”, is the message received by the schools from the authorities.

The Ministry of Education claims that the platform for scanning papers from the National Assessment 2024 simulation “worked in optimal parameters except for a short interval” of 20 minutes, “but without registering any blockages”.

A student's parent: “What happened? The app! Which? The one to scan”

The parent of a student published on social networks the first impressions of his child after leaving the exam room:

“My Luca gave the simulation in Romanian today. Optimistic, positive, he says he knew how to do everything. Nice, bravo, what happened, I ask. Oh, it says, the application failed. Which application? That's to scan the works.”

The post received dozens of comments and shares. The majority of other parents but also of many teaching staff, teaching assistants in the simulation.

Professor Viforel Dorobanțu, director of Secondary School no. 1 Curcani, Călărași county, came with a reply to the father's message.

“Suspended, about 30 minutes, not really dropped! Users have not been logged out! At least, that's what happened to us! With 12,000 users uploading “almost simultaneously” a file of approximately 3 Mb, it was foreseeable that some “blocking” would occur!