Singer Gheboasă, heard at DIICOT in a drug trafficking case. What punishment he risks

The singer Gheboasă, aged 22, is again in the center of public attention, this time not for his lyrics, but because he ended up in front of the prosecutors. He is being questioned at DIICOT Dâmbovița, in connection with a drug trafficking case.

Gheboasă arrived before the prosecutors DIICOT PHOTO Archive

According to reports, Gheboasă was brought to hearings on Friday, after he was picked up from Bucharest, on Timișoara Boulevard, on Thursday evening. He is being questioned in the mentioned case.

“He was detected in the evening of 29.02.2024, in the municipality of Bucharest, while he was in possession of a quantity of dangerous drugs. The judge of rights and liberties of the Dâmbovița Court is to be notified with the proposal of preventive arrest of three of the detained defendants, for a period of 30 days“, according to DIICOT.

In the same case, another person was charged, but for possession of drugs for consumption, without being arrested.

According to an official statement, issued on Friday by DIICOT, the singer would have been part of a group of dealers.

As part of the investigation, several home searches took place on Friday, March 1. Among the suspects detained following the searches is a 17-year-old minor, who was investigated and charged with distributing quantities of cannabis, including to students, near a school in February.

say the investigators.

Gheboasa risks up to two years in prison

Gheboasă is being investigated for committing the crime of “possession, without right, of dangerous drugs, for personal consumption”.

“Regarding a suspect, investigations are being continued under the aspect of committing the crime of illegal possession of dangerous drugs for personal consumption. He was detected in the evening of 29.02.2024, in the city of Bucharest, while he was in possession of a quantity of dangerous drugs“, transmitted DIICOT.

In his case, the prosecutor will order, within 24 hours from the start of the criminal investigation, his evaluation by the anti-drug prevention, evaluation and counseling center, and depending on the conclusions of this report, within 5 days, the prosecutor will order, with the consent of the consumer, his inclusion in the integrated assistance program for drug users.

The singer also faces a prison sentence of 3 months to 2 years or a fine.

The DIICOT investigation reveals that the suspects sold or offered, on various occasions, quantities of cannabis for free to some consumers in Bucharest and Dâmbovița, between July 2020 and February 2024.