Soșoacă wants to run for the Capital City Hall, but BEC did not accept his candidacy. What does the senator say?

Diana Șoșoacă launched several accusations regarding the fact that BEC did not accept her candidacy for the Capital City Hall. The senator claimed that she is prevented from completing her file, which is incomplete.

Diana Șoșoacă accuses that she is prevented from submitting her candidacy for the leadership of PMB PHOTO Archive

The senator launched several accusations. “I didn't publicly announce that I will run for Bucharest City Hall to see what Mr. Marcel Ciolacu is doing, but Mr. Marcel Ciolacu only knows how to make phone calls to show his hegemony. Today I submitted my candidacy for the General City Hall of the Municipality of Bucharest in order to confuse everyone. I submitted my candidacy when I saw the thugs in Bucharest and how they want to steal with the same Nicușor Dan who makes fun of the people of Bucharest and everyone agrees that Nicușor Dan should leave because he signs as the mayor. I'm glad that Marcel Ciolacu fell into my net regarding the candidacy for Bucharest“, Diana Șoșoacă said in a press release, stating that she will present the prime minister with a T-shirt that reads “Proud to be Moldovan”claiming that he called all Moldovans to revolt.

The senator's statements come in the context in which the head of the government asked in some statements not to be offended, specifying that he is from Buzău and is not Moldovan.

The senator also reiterated that she submitted more than 19,000 signatures, although candidates must submit 20,000 signatures.

They didn't want to give me the minutes for the signatures, and now I heard from the press that they rejected my candidacy. You can't say they rejected my candidacy because only Tuesday is the last day, you can only say they rejected 1000 or so signatures. In their language it means that the address was missing from some signatures and my name was not written on some forms, this does not mean incorrect, but incomplete. BEM should have announced the SOS Romania party, not the press”the senator also claimed.

All the other candidates are scared because I'm taking votes from every candidate. The general secretary of SOS Romania, Dan Marin Ștefănel, went to the BEM this evening, and there the gendarmes put him on the spot, although he is the representative of the party and the BEM has the obligation to call him to communicate the inadvertences. They want to delay the decision until Tuesday when I can no longer complete the file“, said Diana Soașoaca.