Survivor All Stars 2024, February 13. First auction of the season! What the winning team gets

A few good days when the blue tribe was in power, where the pride fights were many times stronger than any route and where the reconciliations showed how the history of a season can be rewritten.


Survivor All Stars is back tonight at 9.30pm and it brings together the members of two tribes with such different motivations, but one common desire – to achieve the victories that make life in the jungle easier, at least for a little while.

After managing to beat Elena Marin and send her home, Jorge made his first statements now that he's back in camp. “The tension being very high, I didn't throw like I know I can throw. If I was with someone more skilled, he would beat me. I focused on winning and here I am“, he will confess.

If the boys were upset that Jorge was the one saved from elimination, Zanni and the two girls remaining in the competition are not, however, of the same opinion. The famous man was not at all impressed by her course and believes that her departure makes their life in the Dominican jungle easier.

Ana Porgras supports the above, stating that, from her point of view, at this moment, the best girls remained in the competition.

In the tribe of the Famous, all the quarrels have calmed down

I feel peace, tranquility in the team. It was as if a stone had been removed from my heart“, Ștefi will tell after all the quarrels in the Faimosi tribe have calmed down. And Zanni will admit that the reconciliation with Jador is favorable to him and his colleagues:we are very well, it's a lesson for me and for Jador and for the whole team“.

On the other hand, the Warriors faced a little trouble after the girls felt that they were not allowed to be free enough in the tribe nor listened to as they should. “We hated each other, a conflict must be found“, is Iancu's opinion. The conflicts between the Warriors escalate, and Iancu Sterp and Jador end up arguing, after Maria Chițu explains what bothered her.

The stake of the evening, an important one for both tribes, was the first auction of the season. The celebrities won the preliminary game with a score of 7-3 and were able to benefit from higher amounts to bid on the products up for grabs: slices of pizza, pieces of well-browned meat, etc.