Survivor All Stars 2024, Warriors won the round and will enjoy delicacies. Celebrities have a new Tribal Council that will lead to eliminations

The Warriors won the showdown with the Famous, and one member of the Famous tribe will leave the competition after Tribal Council and the elimination duel. Moroșanu was extremely upset with the result of the match, writes Pro TV.

Tribal Council PHOTO: Facebook/survivorromania.oficial

It was an exciting game, full of intensity, but the Famous could not get the desired result. The duel was between Jorge and Elena Marin. Jorge won the duel and remains in the competition, while Elena Marin returns home.

Sorin Pușcașu still has problems with his shin, but he enjoyed a table with his colleagues overlooking the ocean after the team chose to eat together on the beach. Alexandra cooked for the whole team.

The warriors managed to find a trap which they repaired and decided to use to catch fish and lobster. They hope that this way they will be able to supplement their diet with more protein.

Jador and TJ Miles discussed the Bible and faith, and TJ Miles was moved by Jador's faith and model of faith and Bible reading. Also then, Jador commented on the tensions with Zanni and said he was stressed and wanted the situation over with.

Moroșanu also said for his part that many are dissatisfied with Jador's insults and that there are times when it becomes demoralizing. Celebrities have also noticed the tensions between Zanni and Jador. Alex Delea believes that Zanni is telling the truth, but Jador is not interested.