“Tackle Drugs”, Say NO to drugs, a partnership between the Romanian Rugby Federation and the Institution of the Prefect of the City of Bucharest

The Romanian Rugby Federation signed today a strategic partnership with the Institution of the Prefect of the Municipality of Bucharest for the awareness and prevention of drug use among young people in schools in Bucharest, informs FRR on the official website.

Partnership between RugbyRomania and the Institution of the Prefect of the City of Bucharest PHOTO: X/RugbyRomania

The Prefect of the Capital, Rareș Hopincă, together with the Romanian Rugby Federation, Alin Petrache, expressed their wish that through this long-term collaboration to form a safer and healthier community for the young people of Bucharest and to make a notable difference in the fight against drug use among young people.

“Tackle Drugs”Say NO to drugs started in force with an action at the National Bilingual College “George Cosbuc”, where the Stejarii were for an hour sports teachers for the students. The athletes told the children about the importance of exercising, doing an organized sport, opting for a healthier lifestyle and especially staying away from drugs, which can affect their health and life long term.

The oaks showed the students the secrets of rugby, they played games with the oval ball, exchange of passes, tackles, the most appreciated rugby technique being the lifting on the edge. The students promised the players that they would be in the stands of the Arc de Triomphe National Rugby Stadium on Saturday to cheer them on in the match against Belgium in the European Championship.

Rareș Hopincă, Prefect of the Municipality of Bucharest: “We are not only signing a partnership, but it is also a very meaningful project. We join forces to fight drugs, We TACKLE the DRUGS, we like drugs together. Thank you very much for the involvement of the national rugby team, the Romanian Rugby Federation, and I am absolutely convinced that together they will have the desired impact among young people because it is necessary to remind them that sport is the best refuge. As long as a child takes up sports, he stays away from a bad environment, stays away from all the challenges of a more unsafe world.”

Alin Petrache, president of the Romanian Rugby Federation: “Today we like drugs. I think it's something normal, maybe a little unusual for what this joint project means. It is a beautiful project, Prefecture – Romanian Rugby Federation because we have to get involved in this fight against drugs, and I believe that the movement, the sport, the values ​​that we promote will certainly bring cleaner, better informed children and children who to stay away from this problem that is drugs.”

Dragoș Ser, Romanian player: “It's a very good campaign for future generations because through sport we can stay away from bad surroundings, bad habits and especially drugs.”

Romania's national rugby team is preparing for the European Championship, the Oaks will meet on Saturday, February 10, at 2:30 p.m., at the Arc de Triomphe National Rugby Stadium, Belgium. This is the second match that Romania plays in the 2024 edition of the European Championship, last week, the Stejarii beat Poland away, 20-8.