The advantages and disadvantages of the house without a roof. Modern appearance, but the cost of maintenance is higher

The house without a roof is also known as the house with a terrace roof or the house with a flat or straight roof. Modern and minimalist, such a house impresses with its appearance.

House with terrace roof Photo: Storia

If you are fond of art or design, then such a home model is to your liking. A house with a straight roof offers almost another level above the dwelling. In general, the base is covered with a waterproof membrane. There are people who prefer to mount such a roof especially on the garage or extensions of the house. The house without a roof also offers the possibility of creating a terrace or a “green roof”, like a flower garden.

You can use the space on the house as a rooftop garden with flowers/vegetables; the earth layer also has a cooling effect on the building. Another idea is a space for various events, you can set up a terrace“, informs the real estate platform Storia.

The empty space on the house can also be the ideal place to install solar panels. In addition, many flat roofs reflect light and help cool the home during the summer.

Among the advantages of the house with a terraced roof we also find:Low cost – the absence of the classic roof (in fact it is a flat roof or attached to the house) can be more affordable than the (classic) truss roof. There are fewer risks in its installation, so the labor is also cheaper. Also, there are fewer maintenance complications. Installation is quick and easy and replacement is just as simple“, informs Storia, in a design guide.

The house without a roof also has a number of disadvantages. Installation cost is lower, but maintenance is done often. A roof of this kind needs to be replaced even faster.

The bridge is missing – it was formed under the pitched roof. Shorter lifespan – if a classic roof lasts at least 20 years, the flat roof should be replaced approximately every 10 years. Higher price for home insurance – because the flat roof has a higher risk of leaks. More time for maintenance – if you don't inspect your terrace roof regularly there is a risk of clogged drains”, it is mentioned in a design guide presented by Storia.

The roof can be made of several materials Photo: Storia

The roof can be made of several materials Photo: Storia

The flat roof of the house can be made of several materials. “Standard roof – is made of a mixture of pitch and gravel. It is one of the most cost-effective options. It involves three or more waterproof layers sandwiched between layers of pitch. For stability and longer life use gravel or river stone. It resists fires well. Roof removal is difficult and expensive. When exposed to the sun, it produces a specific smell. Locating infiltration sites is difficult“.

Other commonly used material options: modified bitumen roofing, made from asphalt rolls, and rubberized membrane roofing, which is flexible and elastic and withstands high temperatures well.