The ballet star, Natalia Osipova, premiered in Romania, at the “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Ballet Gala

Natalia Osipova, prima ballerina from The Royal Ballet, will dance in the “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Ballet Gala, which will take place on February 26, from 20:00, in the Ion Caramitru Hall of the National Theater “IL Caragiale” from Bucharest.

The famous ballerina will offer the audience two selected moments: the contemporary dance, “Ashes”, choreographed by Jason Kittelberger, and the classical solo “Death of the Swan”, choreographed by Mikail Fokine. Natalia Osipova is considered one of the best ballerinas of her generation and her dancing style is impressive, being the highest jumping ballerina in the world of female ballet. Osipova is coming to Romania for the first time, for the “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Gala – an Ars Gratia Regalia event directed by Alice Minoiu and organized by the Literati Association.

Beyond the presence of Natalia Osipova in Bucharest, the “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Gala marks many other premieres. Three special choreographies will be staged, for the first time in Romania: Pas de deux “Romeo and Juliet”, choreographed by Sir Kenneth MacMilan (with Reece Carke and Yasmine Naghdi), “Echoes of Tomorrow”, choreographed by Wubjke Kuindersma (with Marina Minoiu and Robert Enache) and “Cinderella”, choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon (with Julian MacKay and Madison Young).

The concept of the event is inspired by the song “Once Upon a December” which introduces the viewer to the enigmatic story of Princess Anastasia Romanov, a regular of elegant palaces and lavish parties. In the first part, “Anastasia Romanov. A dream at the Winter Palace”, classical and contemporary ballets will be presented with the theme of ball, fantasy, love, nostalgia. The second part, titled “Blizzard of Emotions”, will celebrate love in all its tumultuous and tumultuous forms, ending with moments that mark the fragility and grace in the face of death and, at the same time, the hope of rebirth. Anastasia's name itself has precisely this meaning: the hope of rebirth.


Artists such as Natalia Osipova, Recee Clarke and Yasmine Naghdi (The Royal Ballet), Julian MacKay and Madison Young (Bayerische Stattsballett), Marina Minoiu (Royal Danish Ballet) and Robert Enache (National Opera of Bucharest), Dinu Tamazlâcaru will also take to the stage (Staatsballett Berlin), Ada González (National Opera from Bucharest), Cristian Preda and Viviana Olaru (National Opera from Iasi). The artistic direction of the gala is signed by Alice Minoiu.

Natalia Osipova, a “force of nature”

Natalia Osipova has been a principal ballerina with The Royal Ballet since 2013. She took to the Royal Opera House stage in 2012 as a special guest, dancing the role of Odette in 'Swan Lake'. The artist is considered one of the best ballerinas of her generation, and her repertoire includes both leading roles in classical and contemporary ballets. It is known in the ballet world that all performances in which Osipova dances take place behind closed doors. In an article in The Guardian, British journalists describe her as “a very powerful dancer with explosive leaps and dramatic intensity.” In fact, Ospiova is the ballerina with the highest jump in the world.

Natalia Osipova started her career in ballet at the age of 5, in Moscow. He trained at the “Mikhail Lavroski” Ballet School and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. Immediately after graduation, Natalia Osipova joined the Bolshoi Ballet, and in 2010 she became a principal ballerina. A year later he joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet Theatre, and in 2012 he crossed the ocean to join the American Ballet Theatre.

Iana Salenko: “I hope to come back as soon as possible”

The organizers of the “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Gala announce that, for personal reasons, ballerina Iana Salenko will no longer be able to participate in the event. She sent a message to the public in Romania: “I'm sorry I can't come to the meeting with you. I want you to know that the applause with which you welcomed me every time meant a lot to me and I hope to come back as soon as possible”, Iana Salenko said.

The “Once Upon a Winter's Dream” Ballet Gala is an Ars Gratia Regalia event, organized by the Literati Association and presented by Adrem.