The child from “Romanians have talent” who impressed Mădălina Manole's brother to tears VIDEO

The March 8 edition of the Pro TV show “Romanians have talent” was full of emotion. Marian Manole, the brother of the soloist Mădălina Manole, was surprised to the point of tears by the voice of a little girl, Rebeca Rizea.

Rebeca Rizea, 8 years old, is from Alexandria. Little girl performed one of the songs of the late singer Mădălina Manole, “Tu nu ai ovud curaj”.

From the very first chords, Rebeca Rizea left the jurors dumbfounded, as her voice resembled that of Mădălina Manola.

Rebeca Rizea performed the song “You didn't have the courage”. Photo: Pro TV

Marian Manole, the singer's brother, who was in front of the TV at the time, started to cry.

At the end of this March 8th, I am doing this post with little Rebeca! I caught the show earlier on ProTV, unfortunately not from the beginning, I enjoy the little girl's performance enormously, I thank her parents in this way, but also them!

A big soul, an impressive voice! Well done Rebeca, good luck in the future! God help you to become a great artist! The golden button had to be pressed…! That's okay, she gets Golden buzz from us, her audience! “, transmitted Marian Manole, on social networks.

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Mădălina Manole died on July 14, 2010, the very day she turned 43. The singer was found dead in her home on Griviţei Street in Otopeni. INML established that she committed suicide by swallowing Furadan. She was buried in the Bolovani cemetery in Ploiesti.