The criminal record will no longer be necessary when leaving the country with the minor

The obligation of the criminal record for the minor's exit from the country will be eliminated, according to the draft amendment to the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 248/2005.

New rules for leaving the country with minors – Photo Border Police

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has made the draft Government Decision for the amendment of the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 248/2005 regarding the regime of free movement of Romanian citizens abroad, approved by Government Decision no. 94/2006, according to the Europol Union.

It will be forwarded to the Economic and Social Council, after the debate in the Social Dialogue Commission, and then it will be sent to the Government for adoption.

The proposal comes after Law no. 329/2023 for the amendment of art. 31 para. 2 lit. b) from Law no. 248/2005 regarding the regime of free movement of Romanian citizens abroad by which “border police workers are given the opportunity to verify the entries entered in the National Computerized Record System of Criminal Records – ROCRIS if the minor's companion has committed one of the crimes: murder; crimes against sexual freedom and integrity; crimes related to the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable persons; unlawful deprivation of liberty; crimes related to drug trafficking or precursors; trafficking in human tissues or organs or terrorist offences“, according to the quoted source.

Thus, it will no longer be necessary to present the criminal record by the adult, other than the parent, who accompanies the minor or a group of minors abroad.

Since last year, the record can also be issued online, on the and platforms.

Since 2006, adults accompanying minors abroad must present their criminal records. “Zthousands of passengers have had their journeys cut short because they could not present this document“, since the measure was introduced until now, informs Europol.

Conditions for leaving the country for Romanian children

Romanian children can travel abroad on the basis of their passport or bulletin, if they are over 14 years old, only accompanied, with the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

If the minor is accompanied by only one of the parents, he had to show the border police a notarized declaration of the other parent by which he gives his consent to travel abroad or a final and irrevocable court decision proving that the minor was entrusted to him or that he exercises parental authority alone.

Romanian minors accompanied by a person other than their parents can leave the country if the accompanying adult presents the statement by which both parents express their agreement regarding traveling abroad, for a period not exceeding 3 years from the date of its preparation. But documents are also required that show the quality of a designated person within a commercial company authorized, under the law, to carry out international passenger transport activities, if the minor is accompanied by it. And the criminal record remains mandatory, until the changes are approved by the Government.

From August 2023, Romanian teenagers who have reached the age of 16 can travel abroad unaccompanied, with the consent of their parents or legal representatives, to visit relatives, for studies or to participate in official competitions or to undergo treatment medical without which their life or health is endangered.