The critic and literary historian Alex Ștefănescu will be buried on Thursday, at the Bellu Cemetery in the Capital

The late critic and literary historian Alex Ştefănescu will be buried on Thursday at the Bellu Cemetery. The coffin with the lifeless body of the literary historian was deposited on Wednesday at the Bellu Cemetery Chapel, informs Agerpres.

Alex Ştefănescu, archive photo

The funeral is scheduled for Thursday, at 12 o'clock, announced the Romanian Writers' Union.

The literary critic and historian Alex Ştefănescu passed away on Sunday, at the age of 76. Since then, the messages of mourning from great personalities from literature, but also from other fields, continued to appear.

“In these moments of sadness, we send our sincere condolences to his bereaved wife and family, friends and all the bereaved who knew him and read his books”, Patriarch Daniel said upon hearing the news.

“I enjoyed Alex's friendship and appreciation for many years. Stefanescu. At one point, he got angry with me, because our political opinions separated us. I tried to remind him of a lesson I had learned from him: his last meeting with Marin Sorescu, in which the poet asked him what was the point of not talking to each other for so many years, because they had different political opinions. Already, it was no longer possible. Alex. he burned the bridges. I am sorry. He was a cultured and sensitive man. He had a lot of humor and that could make him charming. But he put, in my opinion, too much passion in everything he did. Otherwise, as he himself said, the greatest wealth of his life were books. God rest his soul!”, said Virgil-Ştefan Niţulescu, director of the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Member of the Romanian Writers' Union since 1977, Alex Ștefanescu (born November 6, 1947, in Lugoj) is the author of the work “History of Contemporary Romanian Literature (1941-2000)”, for which he received the Writers' Union prize in 2005, and in which answers the question “What happened to Romanian literature during the communist regime?”, according to Wikipedia.