The desperate solutions of Romanians invaded by cockroaches and spiders. “You have a 95% chance of solving it that way”

Spring came sooner this year, and with the heat came some problems. Insects of all kinds annoy Romanians, and some of them are desperately looking for solutions.

Insects can be a big hassle. PHOTO: Unsplash

The first rays of sunshine and mild temperatures in this early spring calendar also brought a setback. Many Romanians complain about insects, and wasps, mosquitoes and flies, along with rats, infest houses. In desperation, some look for solutions and turn to the Internet for that.

It is also the case of a Romanian who says that he would like to spend more time in the little house in the garden, but he is harassed by all kinds of insects. He asked for advice on the Facebook group Moved to the country – life without a watch.

I put a wooden tool shed in the garden where I would also like to put a sofa, so I can sleep in the summer evenings. The problem is that bugs / spiders / maggots crawl through the wooden boards it is made of. I know the standard answer would be “well you've gone into their habitat”, but is there any varnish / wood putty / repellent / bug idea so I don't wake up with a bug on my face if I sleep there in the summer ? It's like I don't even put on a canopy, like in countries with malaria. Thank you“, the man wrote.

His post went viral and garnered hundreds of likes and hundreds of comments. A lot of interesting tips and solutions were also found among them.

Special plants that repel insects

Plant trees all around: eucalyptus four-six pieces, laurel four-five pieces (yes, it resists in Romania, but not everywhere… it is good to get it from those who have acclimatized it), trifoliate lemons (poncirus) two – three pieces and ptelea trifoliata (this is on the same level as eucalyptus). Under the trees/eucalyptus: lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, sage, lemon, chrysanthemums, nasturms, tagetes, mentha pulegium, marjoram, Artemisia, Nepeta (this attracts cats), horseradish and oregano…and you've reduced the population of insects around”, someone wrote. The same person continued:

Obviously, a putty and a varnish can be used on the outside and on the inside, but preferably on the inside of the water-based one. And inside you dry the aromatic plants harvested from outside. And you've done the job quite ecologically, and you've got scented air too. There are three or four types of eucalyptus that survive outside in Romania without problems: Eucaliptus Archerii, Eucaliptus Gunii and about two more. You can find it at santatedinplante eucalyptus or at secretgarden. The problem won't be 100% solved, but if you seal all the cracks with exterior silicone, have the door close on rubber seals, and put chicken and netting on the windows, you have a good chance of having a 95%+ problem solved“, he added.

His answer was supplemented with other tips: “To ward off possible rodents (which many of the listed plants do, you also plant Lophantus). If you can also keep a few guinea pigs in the area… they do an exemplary job of cleaning everything that means insects”, he finished the answer.

“It doesn't really look pretty, but it's practical”

“I put polyurethane foam in the tool shed, also because of spiders and especially wasps… It doesn't really look pretty, but it's practical”was another tip.

Others have chimed in, and the author of the original post has received other ideas and solutions. “Put repellent flowers around the cabin. In our country it is a kind of Kert doctor-translated the doctor of the garden. It repels all kinds of insects. Add mint, lemon, sage and oregano. There are other plants that effectively repel insects. The flower garden will beautify the place, have enough plants for medicinal teas and a restful sleep in summer. Also, for the future, plant a walnut, but at a fairly large distance, about seven meters at least because it makes long roots. There is no point in poisoning yourself by anointing the cottage with toxic substances. For ants or bugs in the cabin, you can put containers with baking soda.”

“There are also solutions (mothballs) and aromatic plants that bugs run away from, wormwood, mint and others!”someone else intervened.

Magnetic door and spider nets mouse traps with book glue. I put preventive and they are full of spidersi”, explained another.

Boric acid. Toxic to insects, not toxic to mammals. It is also usually used as a component of fireproofing treatment salts for woodi”, said another.

Sprayed with Fendona SC15 or 60 once a year and the problems go away“, emphasized another internet user.

“Treated with Bochemit exterior / interior, then varnished or even insulated and decoratively plastered”, said a lady. “Place inside, hanging on the wall in bundles or bags of fine cloth and on the floor, on the edges, dry aromatic plants; bay, cloves, basil, thyme, lavender… their strong scents repel bugs” and it isthere are insecticidal solutions that you can mix with a fire retardant and you won't have any more discomfort!” were other solutions among the countless tips received.