The European Disability Card: What benefits it offers and in which countries it is valid

The European Disability Card is issued on request and offers people free or subsidized entry to museums, shows, sports activities, as well as free transport with the means of transport in several states of the European Union.

European disability card – Photo Facebook Ministry of Labour

The European Disability Card is issued upon request by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity, through the National Authority for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ANPDPD). This year, 1,196 cards were issued, and 4,100 applications are being processed, the Ministry of Labor announces.

Currently, the card can be used in Slovenia, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Finland, Malta and Romania, but the program is to be extended to all member states.

Basically, the card is a proof for people with disabilities. The advantages include facilitating free movement within the EU, facilitating access to the same preferential conditions as residents of the host country, encouraging participation in cultural, recreational and sports activities, preventing card forgery or fraud and achieving a more inclusive society, European officials say.

It offers free public transport and free parking. At the same time, it allows free access or partially supports the cost of entry to cultural, sports and leisure events.

Accessibility, citizens' rights, quality of life, equal access and non-discrimination and the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities are important for Romania and the European Union. The mutual recognition between Member States of the status of a disabled person, through the European Disability Card, is an absolutely necessary step to improve the quality of life of these people“, declared the minister Simona Bucura – Oprescu.

But, in our country, it is not recognized everywhere.

There is free transport only where municipalities have access to these card facilities, in Bucharest it is and in Ilfov it is on urban transport between localities. A total of 21,000 cards have been printed, this year to date approximately 1,200 cards have been printed“, Romi Mihăescu, ANPDPD president, sent, according to Protv News.

People interested in obtaining the European Disability Card must submit an application for registration in addition to a recent passport-type photo. The documents can be submitted either electronically, to the e-mail address of the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) in the county or sector of residence, or in person at the DGASPC headquarters. The card is issued in 30 days.

According to ANPDPD, in our country there are 890,702 people classified as disabled. At the European level, it is estimated that 30 million people have a recognized disability, according to the European Council.