The final decision of the court in the “eclair on the tray” trial. Jamila: “It was five years that…”

After almost four years of fighting in court, the war between two of the most famous domestic bloggers in the field, Geanina Staicu-Avram (known as Jamila) and Laura Laurentiu, has come to an end.

Jamila and Laura Laurentiu PHOTO Collage YouTube

The judges gave the verdict, determining that Jamila was the one who stole the recipe. She is now required to pay court costs.

Following the court's decision, the famous chef Jamila was also forced to pay 10,000 lei in compensation. In an unexpected move, Jamila expressed her disappointment and distrust in the legal system, posting a video explaining why she doesn't believe she stole the recipe and detailing the conflict between her and her guildmate.

Jamila continues to deny the allegations

In the posted video, Jamila said: It's very hard for me to talk about it. It is a very difficult time for me. I'm trying my best not to cry. It was five years that I couldn't talk about this subject because this lawsuit that everyone blames me for was still going on.

Jamila also denied the allegations of recipe theft, claiming that there is no copyright for recipes and that it is dangerous to make such allegations in the culinary industry.

The controversy began in May 2019, when Jamila published a recipe for eclairs in a pan on her YouTube channel.

Laura Laurențiu filed a complaint, claiming the recipe infringed her copyright, triggering a series of lawsuits. The chef went to court, where she claimed that her image and honor in front of fans and partners suffered, asking for compensation of (…)

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