The job where uneducated beginners would take a doctor's license, but employers can't find people. “One more drop”

Romania is facing a genuine labor force crisis, as millions of Romanians have fled poverty and are working abroad. The low salaries in the country and the lack of prospects are the main reasons, but even so in Romania there are also well-paid jobs, but which too few know about.

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Owners of construction companies are desperate because they cannot find employees, even though wages are well above average. An entrepreneur spoke openly about this problem and explained that although he is willing to hire beginners who do not know the trade at all, to pay them 200 lei per day, he does not find anyone interested.

In desperation, he even posted an ad on Reddit. “I'm looking for an apprentice to learn the plasterer's trade. Salary between 180-200 lei per day. Schedule from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 16:30 with an hour break. I am reposting it as I have not been successful in finding anyone“, he wrote.

“You don't need an Oxford education”

Is the salary between 180-200 lei per day gross or net?”someone asked, and the answer came promptly: “Net.”

“You're leaving out the essential part. Disciple. I mean a kind of internship. Over 800 euros net, probably a little more if the client is satisfied… It seems like a great deal to me, the job itself being expensive. You don't need to study at Oxford, nor is it the hardest part of construction work, speaking of the strictly physical part. I honestly don't think I received this money when he did my apprenticeship, of course, being in another field“, someone told him right.

“And basically, if someone is passionate about construction, what's the problem? 1,000 euros per month, approximately, to begin with, seems super ok to me. You earn in IT, with started university and some knowledge (that you give an interview), still about 1,000 euros at the beginning, so I say it's more than reasonable for a less qualified job”,
observed a netizen.

“You better stop a Tazz / Glovo courier on the street and tell him. And that's how the Romanian businessmen enslave them, and the boys really are workers”someone else advised.

“They are all trappers and influencers”

“It's a bit sad that the youth don't want to work anymore, no, they're all trappers and influencers now,” said another.

As much as a resident doctor, except that it is also a lighter schedule. I'm in”, someone wrote.

“Hello, I recently turned 18, I own a car and personal tools (vacuum cleaner, grooving machine, drywall drill, circular saw, etc.) absolutely everything you can imagine, from several construction niches. I worked from the age of 16 (I don't know if I can really call it part time, I worked from Monday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm) in plasterboard manufacturing. I mostly only did plasterboard cladding, very rarely did I attach a ceiling”,
another began his message.

“The idea is that I have more experience than you can imagine, after six months I was already transcribing the project myself in the field, I was just being checked (the guy who welcomed me to his team is a friend of my father and that's probably why I could do it only after six months). I am interested in your offer, especially if you deal with ceilings. I want to ask you if you can increase the payment from 200 to 300 lei per day? I can put in on Saturday without any problems if you want“, he concluded.

Exactly what I was saying above. The pay is low, but the OP doesn't understand that, and I've gotten some swearing. No one wants to be a slave to Romanian patrons for little money. Pay the work at its true value,” chimed in another. “Go to college, get a license and go to the office for 3,000 lei – as an apprentice! “Work at its true value”!“, contradicted another.