The jobs where Romanians get thousands of euros, but do nothing. “When we get bored of playing so much, we also go out for a beer”

In a country where prices rise from day to day and wages usually keep pace, there are people who are paid to do absolutely nothing. Or almost nothing, but anyway on salaries that others don't even dare to dream of.

PHOTO: Pixabay

Millions of Romanians went abroad because they could no longer live on the miserable wages, and Romania continues to be among the countries with the lowest wages in Europe. In addition, payroll taxation is extremely aggressive in Romania, which means that the already small incomes are insufficient after the average Romanian pays his taxes to the state. This makes many unable to cope with the expenses, especially since the prices are increasing day by day.

However, there are some well-paid jobs in Romania as well, but they are usually jobs where you work a lot and that involve a high qualification. But this is not necessarily the rule, because there are also jobs where people receive generous salaries but put in a lot of effort, as is the case with construction workers.

Finally, there is a third category, that of employees who do nothing, but are paid perhaps better than an IT-ist or an engineer or a doctor. Contrary to the opinion that they would represent an exception, there are quite a few people with high incomes, even if they work little or not at all. And this does not necessarily include only politicians and their protégés.

One such employee who himself claims that he does nothing to earn a salary well above the average, boasted about his situation on a social network, under the protection of anonymity.

“I'm not going to give you my name, maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't want my bosses to find out. What I can tell you is that I have a wonderful job in technology. I don't do anything, but I earn enough not to worry. I take 2,500 euros, of course in the national currency, but I am paid to do nothing. I play with my colleague all day long, and when we can't anymore and get bored of playing so much, we go out for a coffee or a beer. Especially in summer”he wrote.

Between envy and respect

Netizens were curious to know what he does for a living, and some of them even expressed disbelief that someone could be paid so well to do nothing. “But what do you do, boss?”someone asked him. “They brag to spite the working people, but they seem to see that those 2,500 euros are, in fact, 2,500 lei“, attacked another.

There were also voices that supported the author of the post. “The Romanian is envious, many here follow the principle that the neighbor's goat should also die. I mean, if I'm poor and my wife cheats on me and the kids don't listen to me, why shouldn't the other person be like me or worse?”, someone else pointed out,

“I am in a similar situation. I don't do anything, sometimes I look over some codes, I check others, but days go by without stressing and I still earn better than my colleague. I don't know what he does for a living, but I'm an IT guy, as I think you've figured out. And it's not my fault that I'm the boss and that's all I have to do, check on others, I've worked hard for years to get here. And whoever thinks that I'm the only one or that only the two of us earn money so easily, they're wrong. Some are board members of state companies or just briefcase carriers and earn not thousands, but maybe tens of thousands of euros”, someone else said.

I don't know why you are so surprised”

“I feel like I recognize myself in this post. So much so that I don't go out for a beer after work, I go home or look for other things to do”another revealed.

“I don't know why you are so surprised. Some even live with the impression that you have to work hard for a penny in the 21st century, in the age of technology. Well, it's not, it's a limited view. My job is really nice: I tell other people what to do with the money, and they give me a generous share. Of course, for that I have to be aware of the market, but I don't even work hard enough to wash my coffee cup at the office”someone else intervened.

“My cousin is a doctor and works night guard. He sleeps longer and better like me, he wakes up rested, only once every few shifts he has a patient. Now, I'm not saying that all doctors will be the same, but there are still cases like this”, another commented.

“We are full of envy, we all have a colleague, a boss that we can't stand, and then we accuse him, that he is the simplest, that he is incompetent or that he doesn't want to do anything. That's how we humans are, we have this wickedness.” was another opinion.