The paradise where Romanians bathe among corals and exotic fish when it's cold in the country. “It's cheaper than a weekend in the mountains”

Winter shows its fangs, but Romanians who hate the cold and are willing to take a vacation at the beginning of the year have solutions to escape the cold. And for that they don't necessarily have to travel thousands of kilometers and spend tens of hours in flight and at the airport.

Tourists can dive in Egypt among tropical fish and corals. PHOTO Unsplash

Egypt is paying more and more attention to Romanians during this period, and those who are tired of the winter cold and can afford to pay a few hundred euros have a solution. On a Facebook group reserved for tourists, a Romanian wanted to know what the weather looks like in Egyptian resorts.

I still have 10 days of leave from last year and I don't want to give them to the boss, I also have some money set aside with my wife, but most importantly we hate this terrible season, we hate the cold specific to this part of the continent, with negative temperatures. A friend was in Egypt last year, he even spent New Year's Eve there and the following week, and he told me that you can easily swim in the sea. Does anyone know exactly what the situation is and can tell me?”is the question he posted.

At the sea, at the beach

He was answered immediately, and most recommended him to wait no longer and book his long-dreamed-of beach vacation in the dead of winter.

“I can say that I spent New Year's Eve right before the pandemic, it was in 2020, at Desert Rose, at 5 stars. Sure, the sea water was cold at night, but a few drunk Englishmen took a swim at 00:00 without any problems. During the day it was over 25 degrees and there was sunbathing. There were plenty of tourists, mostly wealthy people from Germany, France and Great Britain, but also many Russians. During the day I took a bath, I didn't get out of the water. The water was a bit colder, it was like here at the end of July”, someone wrote.

A lady had the same message. “To be honest, every year I go to Egypt in the winter, to Hurghada, and now I'm there. I'll catch the beginning of February, when it's my birthday. It's paradise here when it's cold here, and it's not expensive. It's about as much as a weekend in the mountains with us, and if I think about it, even cheaper. Today I spent five hours in the sea water, it was 28 degrees outside. I don't know how many degrees the sea water was, but it wasn't cold. If you say you don't like winter, maybe the best solution is to come here”she wrote.

Others recommended Egypt for tourism and trips to the pyramids and spectacular offshore coral reefs.

I went last year in December, it was very good. Bath, beach – all the cutlery, but also excursions. It is worth seeing the pyramids at least once in your life and feeling the sand in your sandals. Yes, I say sandals, when in the country it was the time of boots and thick clothes, in Egypt I was in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. The coral barriers are also exceptional, they are not to be missed, go to the Natural Aquatic Museum in the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh”, someone else recommended.

I went in February, it's true, but the weather was very good. It was last year. We also had 30 degrees, the sea water was perfect. It was like a dream, it was 7 degrees here and there was a strong wind”, said another.