The parents of the students of a prestigious college, outraged after learning that Erika Isac, the performer of “Macarena”, will sing at the Freshmen's Ball

Several parents from Oradea shared their thoughts on a Facebook group after learning that Erika Isac will perform at the Freshmen's Ball where their children are invited.

Erika Isac was invited to sing at the Freshmen's Ball

The artist who ignited the Internet with the song Macarena was invited to sing at the Freshmen's Ball organized by the Iosif Vulcan National College in Oradea.

The Prom will take place on March 15.

The news displeased the parents, who say they do not agree with the vulgar language used by the artist. Therefore, they made a protest on the college's social media page, and a parent also wanted to know the opinions of Oradeans about this.

“Recently my daughter asked me for money to go to the Prom of a college in town. Thinking it was a common sense event, organized by a school after all, I agreed.

After a few days, a colleague from work told me that her daughter also asked her for money for the same event, but she wouldn't let her. He found that the invited “artist” was not exactly suitable for an extracurricular event because of the obscene words present in his songs. I ask you for my part, do you think the presence of such an artist at an (extra) school event centered on 9th grade, 15-year-old children is normal/appropriate? I'm sorry if I'm bothering with the post”, wrote the mother of a student on Facebook.


The comments were not slow to appear.

“Children curse anyway, I don't think this fact is news to anyone, then about Erica Isac – she is an artist who represents women/girls who are fed up with misogyny and sings about the things we go through as women every day, and her songs make them feel strong and shout the lyrics out loud. I saw videos of Erica's concerts and you can't imagine how many girls screamed the lyrics and were extra happy. If you leave your daughter, you will make her the whole evening and she will thank you”, commented a young woman.

“Dear lady, I think that the person invited to sing at the event is the person the children chose. I don't think that anyone imposed on them who to invite to the event. You must discuss the problem with your girl to see exactly what it is about. Your communication with the teenager and even with the educational unit leaves much to be desired!”.

“Don't raise your child in a sterile environment, but teach him where the line is between good and bad”, are just some of the comments posted on the Facebook group.

According to, the college's School Council conducted a survey on Instagram, asking students about their preferences regarding the artist they would like to see and listen to at the prom. Most expressed their preference for Erika Isac.

The event will take place at the Coloseum restaurant and anyone can buy an entrance ticket, which is sold for 70 lei.