The program at the MAI counters for the period May 1-6

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) reminds that, on Monday and Tuesday, the community public services that issue driver's licenses, registration certificates, passports, respectively identity cards, as well as the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that issue other types of documents have normal working hours with the public.

In the first days of May, the counters will be closed PHOTO: Archive

According to a press release from the Ministry of Interior, during the period May 1-6, there will be no work activities with the public, at the counter, these days being declared national holidays, in which no work is done, writes Agerpres.

“We encourage citizens that, before going to the counters of the community public services, as well as to the counters of the other structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that issue other types of documents, to consult the operating schedule, available on their websites”, it is stated in the communique.

The General Directorate of Driving Permits and Registrations recommends using the online scheduling service –

“We remind you that in order to facilitate the payments representing the equivalent value of the driver's license, the registration certificate, the provisional driving permit, as well as the plates with the registration number, the General Directorate of Driving Permits and Registrations has made available to those interested, a service online through its own website –”, informed the MAI.

At the same time, future drivers who are preparing to obtain their driving license can check their theoretical knowledge by practicing the simulation of an exam by using the online application on the website of the structure –

“We recommend people who need a new travel document to make an appointment in advance through the service hub of the MAI After submitting the application for issuance of the passport, we recommend checking the status using the following link”, the release states.

For more useful information regarding the documents that must be submitted with the request for the issuance of various documents, the fees that must be paid and the payment methods, it is recommended to consult the website of the Permits and Registrations Department – /documents-and-forms/inmatriculari, the General Directorate of Passports – and the General Directorate for the Records of Persons

Those who wish to obtain the criminal record certificate, as well as the history of traffic penalties, have the opportunity to download these documents online, free of charge, by accessing the service hub of the MAI, . Certificates can be obtained by users who have a valid account in the MAI service hub or by those who have an active account in the application.

The specialized structures within the Romanian Police in the field of weapons, explosives and dangerous substances use the EARM system which, from the beginning of 2024, allows natural and legal persons to submit, in digital format, any request and the documents provided by national legislation for obtaining specific approvals the authorization segment in order to procure, possess, carry and use weapons.

The IT system can be accessed from the Romanian Police website, projects section, at the link

Regarding the return of the documents retained by the traffic police structures, the working hours with the public at the counters take place even on public holidays and can be consulted on the website of the Bucharest Road Brigade or on the websites of the county police inspectorates , the MAI representatives mentioned.