The PSD elected officials put the cannons on Geoana: They descend to the level of one like Šoșoaca and invent conversations that did not take place

PSD elected officials are starting to target Mircea Geoană, after NATO's number two declared that Marcel Ciolacu and some colleagues from PSD told him to run for president as an independent, but supported by the social-democratic formation.

Mircea Geoană, at ​​the time when he led a pocket party PHOTO Inquam Photos

After the nickname that consecrated him, now Geoană wants to be called Mitomanul as well. I think that Mr. Geoana was the victim of scammers who call people on the phone with all kinds of fantastic promises and he got excited that someone was making him president. You once had the impression that you were president, Mircea Geoană! And it lasted three seconds… But if you hear voices, know that the remedy is different and don't walk around the television sets.”, a sent by the president of PNL Giurgiu, Marian Mina.

Shortly after, Geoană was targeted by another social democrat, deputy Lucian Lungoci. “Mihaela, my love” syndrome strikes again! Mr. Geoană sees reality where it is not! How sad that someone who was once almost the president of the country descends to the level of someone like Soșoaca and ends up inventing meetings and conversations that did not take place. PSD will have a presidential candidate. That's for sure! And it is equally certain that said candidacy will be approved by the congress, as our statute says! Everything else is just a hallucination”, a transmitted Lungoci.

Tudose sensed the approach

Geoana was also targeted the other day by Mihai Tudose, PSD vice president. “As Mr. Geoană plays it now, “I'm an asset, I'm a thing made of foam and I'm doing you a favor that I could accept to run for you”, comes that Romanian answer: “Go ahead, me, … run !»“, commented Mihai Tudose on Prima TV. In the fall, Mihai Tudose said, ironically, that “in the real world, if you mention the NATO deputy, the dog stops barking.” Four months later, Tudose has not changed his view of Mircea Geoană: “I maintain my opinion. I think there was a consensus in the PSD”.

I read with great interest an opinion poll done by a polling house in Brazil. In these polls, you can get a result from the bathroom, you can get a result from how you ask the questions, and give Tudose a 110% if you want, as the shortest of the short, even though I'm 1.98 meters. If you know a little, you can do it. I am anchored in real life and say that he does not even collect signatures to run, as he does the independent“, Tudose also stated in last week's interview.