The silent disease that grinds Romanians. Children and young people, the most affected

In recent years, more and more Romanians are struggling with a disease that is spreading globally. The statistics are worrying, and doctors are talking about a phenomenon that must be stopped urgently.

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Thus, obesity has come to affect many people at the national level, and young people are among those who suffer the most.

The silent disease that grinds Romanians

The statistics show that many Romanians suffer from obesity, and this places Romania in a worrying top, at the European level.

35% of adults in Romania live with obesity, something that places our country in the category of countries with a very high prevalence of this disease. It is estimated that the prevalence of obesity in adults will increase annually by 2.1% during the period 2020-2035. More worrying is the fact that the percentage increase in the prevalence of obesity in children will be 5.6% annually, a percentage that places us, again, in the very high risk category“, show the statistics presented by the Together Against Obesity Association.

Romania occupies a worrying place at the European level and is surpassed, in the obesity chapter, by only three countries.

These worrying figures are confirmed by the statistics published by Eurostat, according to which Romania has a percentage of 59% of the population with a body mass index greater than 25, corresponding to overweight and obesity. This percentage is considerably higher than the average of the countries of the European Union, Norway, Serbia and Turkey (52.7%) and is exceeded by only three European countries: Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Globally, it is estimated that the majority of the population (51% or over 4 billion people) will be either overweight or obese by 2035 if current trends continue“, states the Together Against Obesity Association.

Obesity, the disease that leads to other serious problems

According to doctors, obesity can cause many other health problems, even among young people.

Hypertension often occurs in young people of all ages, but especially in those who are obese or overweight. If this body weight is controlled and returns to normal, hypertension will also be cured. We find that the number of cases has increased, precisely for this reason. Many times, children sit with the phone in one hand and the sandwich in the other. Now they have a lot of technological concerns and all these lead to hypertension“, states Dr. Constantin Iordache, primary cardiologist at the Children's Emergency Clinical Hospital in Iasi.