The solutions of resourceful Romanians who know how to make money from dry stone. “Excluding employment. At the beginning I was with empty pockets”

In a poor country like Romania, salaries are among the lowest in the European Union, and often they do not motivate people. In the given situation, some look for, and some even find, solutions to make money other than through work.

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Romanians are the most exposed to the risk of poverty and social exclusion in the European Union, Eurostat statistics show. And not by chance: Romania is one of the countries that excessively taxes employees, although almost a third of them work on a minimum wage for which a Westerner would not even get out of bed in the morning.

In desperation, some are looking for ways to earn money other than through work. And of these, some actually succeed.

A man took heart and posted on the Facebook group “Young entrepreneurs – tips, ideas and business” a question that many think about, but few say.

“Hello. A question maybe rhetorical and maybe inappropriate… if you don't have money, what activities could you do to produce 1000 euros? Excluding employment. This in the idea that starting from the experience of making the first amount of 1,000 euros, you want to develop for more”, he wrote.

The answers were not long in coming, and a real debate immediately arose. “Bolt?“, someone wrote. “Uber, Bolt, video chat, escort, crypto, pyramid scheme, mlm…”, wrote another.

“Theoretical freelancing in services”, was another opinion. “Consulting services”someone thought.

Jokes and serious ideas

Others came up with quips and jokes. “Selling or producing drugs because that's what's in fashion now”, laughed one. “Good question. You need at least a balaclava and a knife. And physical condition“, another netizen joked. “Gun optional?”someone else chimed in. “There is no longer any need for physical fitness, it is entered in piles”, another added.

Others followed up with serious suggestions and ideas. “If you have absolutely no money, the only valuable asset is you, your time, your knowledge. Consultancy or services”, was another opinion. “Counseling in families. Insurances. Private pensions, etc. Two or three seminars in what you want to do”one scored.

When you start your business, do you think you will only win? A lot of money will go on fees and taxes, accountant, suppliers, current company expenses, rent, internet, software, etc. Maybe in the end you can hope that you will be left with 1,000 clean euros. I don't think anyone has a recipe. It all depends on what you know how to do and how you will manage the company. In theory many will be great advisors. But the reality beats the film”, another netizen said. It was immediately contradicted: “If you know how to manage it, you will win. For example, I don't work, but I know how to manage my company. I started with empty pockets, this as an idea for entrepreneurs, if you want something, do it.”

Recommend us online teachers / trainers who teach online using The affiliate commission is 20 euros or 80 per teacher”someone wrote in a sufficiently clear Romanian-English.

What do Romanians say

It depends a lot on what you know how to do and what you are passionate about, because there are many ideas from 0 to 1,000 euros and more. For me, for example, I started blogging effectively from zero, after which in three months I had to make an investment of 300 lei in hosting + domain and from there I learned and grew. I didn't know anything back then and it took me eight months to make my first 28 cent commission, but the projects I start today are much faster growing. It depends a lot on what you know how to do“, encouraged another.

“You make a YouTube channel and sell courses/teach others to be entrepreneurs”, was another suggestion.

Are you really interested or maybe more of a way to gather ideas? And to answer the question: network marketing, affiliate marketing, real estate, any type of service where you can be an intermediary and the list can go on and on. Making money is very easy, but at the same time very difficult“, someone else explained.

Wooden furniture. Sunbeds for example. They sell for 200 lei a piece, if you make molds for them. Any known trade is a golden bracelet. You can capitalize on it very easily with a minimum of effort. Call someone who is already doing what you want to do, and you'll be surprised to find that they can help you with any information you need.“, emphasized another inmate.