There is a new scholarship for students, resilience

The Ministry of Education proposes the introduction of a new type of scholarship, starting next school year: the resilience scholarship. The aim is to also motivate students with average results to progress. It is basically a form of stimulating individual progress in learning. “The amount of the resilience scholarship will be 300 lei per month, and the scholarship will be awarded to students who obtained at least an annual average of 7 and are among the first 30% of students in the class in terms of results”says Ligia Deca.

The Minister of Education, Ligia Deca

The expert in Education policies, Marian Staș, is of the opinion that Education officials “it sweeps the huge problem of socio-economic disparities under the rug and only tries to patch it up. It's like in Ceaușescu's time, you give him 5 lei, 100 lei…exactly like then“.

Therefore, according to the expert, in the current education system everything comes down to money, not a real attempt to save education. “If we will see any positive impact? The answer is, rather, no. This problem with putting the school in the “School for money” lane seems extremely inappropriate to me, especially when it comes to quite large percentages. In my opinion, it is a poisonous job because it links the school to money. And that has nothing to look for in a public education system. It's conditioning exactly on Pavlov's principle. If that means students will learn better? I think it will be, in fact, a rush for averages”, says the expert.