Tudose, ironic regarding Geoana's candidacy: Not even the signatures collect them

PSD MEP Mihai Tudose claims that Mircea Geoană will not even be able to collect the signatures of support to run for the presidential elections, under which conditions he will enter the race as an independent.

Mihai Tudose, MEP PSD and campaign coordinator for PE PHOTO Archive

Mihai Tudose, coordinator of the PSD campaign for the European Parliament, claims that, despite opinion polls that show Mircea Geoană as the favorite for the presidential elections, the NATO deputy will not even be able to collect the signatures to submit his candidacy.

“I read with great interest an opinion poll done by a polling house in Brazil. In these polls, you can get a result from the bathroom, you can get a result from how you ask the questions, and you can give Tudose a 110% if you want, as the shortest of the short, even though I'm 1.98 meters. If you know a little, you can do it. I am anchored in real life and I say that he does not even collect signatures to run, as he does the independent”said Mihai Tudose on Prima TV.

“Come to the party, let's talk”

The former prime minister also mocked a possible candidacy of the number two in NATO from PSD and PNL, given the scenario of a joint candidate. “PSD and PNL could also support Superman, if we start again with the theory. Practically, no. If he really wants to, let him come to the party, let's see, let's discuss. As he plays it Mr. Geoana now: <“, said Tudose.

The PSD vice-president is not the first to irony or attack Mirce Geoană. Several times Tudose emphasized that Marcel Ciolacu should be nominated, as he is the most representative leader, especially since he is the president of the party, but also the prime minister.