TVR reacts to the Olaianos case and announces that it is appealing: “Zero tolerance for violent behavior”

After, on Wednesday, Marian Olaianos won, in the first instance, the trial in which he sued Romanian Television, the public station announced that it will appeal. The journalist fired last year from Public Television, could return to TVR.

Marian Olaianos. PHOTO TVR

“Zero tolerance in Romanian Television for violent behavior”it is stated in the position formulated by TVR, in which the call is also announced, quoted by

Romanian Television believes that, through aggressive behavior, “the journalist committed a serious misconduct according to the provisions of the Internal Regulations of SRTv, punishable by the termination of the employment contract.”

Here is the full position transmitted by TVR:

“Romanian Television will appeal in the process regarding the dismissal of Marian Olaianos, within the legal term. We emphasize that the act for which he was investigated is also the subject of a criminal case for beatings and other violence.

Marian Olaianos was fired by TVR as a result of the report of the disciplinary investigation commission, drawn up on the basis of the notification submitted by Nadine Vlădescu, in October 2022, regarding acts of physical and verbal violence by the journalist against him, accompanied by a medico-legal certificate and other medical documents.

We remind you that the legal basis for issuing the dismissal decision consisted in the analysis of some medical documents (the medico-legal certificate issued by IML), other medical examinations carried out after the acts of violence suffered by Nadine Vlădescu, video recordings that clearly capture the acts of violence, hearings of witnesses, as well as other relevant documents certifying Marian Olaianos' serious disciplinary violations. At the same time, during the hearing on December 9, 2022, Marian Olaianos declared the following before the disciplinary investigation committee: “being in a state of maximum emotional tension, in an attempt to defend myself I pushed Nadine to wall, grabbing her by the neck”.

In the process filed by the journalist challenging the dismissal decision, Romanian Television will appeal the court decision issued in the first instance. SRTv considers that, through aggressive behavior, the journalist committed a serious misconduct according to the provisions of the SRTv Internal Regulations, punishable by termination of the employment contract“.

TVR cited “serious disciplinary reasons”

We remind you that Marian Olaianos was fired from TVR on March 9, 2023, after the scandal with his colleague from Cultură, Nadine Vlădescu, the public station citing “serious disciplinary reasons”.

Marian Olaianos was accused of suddenly and hitting Nadine Vlădescu, with whom he had an affair.

“Olaianos swore at me, hit me with his palms, fists and a set of keys, strangled me and slammed my head against the wall,” she claimed. For his part, Olaianos complained that he was sexually harassed.

After being fired, the journalist sued the public television and won, this week, in the first instance. Even if the decision is not final, and can be challenged on appeal, it represents a big blow given by Marian Olaianos to the public television station.