What is the correct position in the car seat to avoid spine problems

It is essential to adopt a correct position in the car seat to prevent discomfort and back problems. If your back hurts when you drive, the main factor causing this pain is your car seat.

A bad position in the car can cause us inconvenience. PHOTO kinetocuandrei.ro

No matter how cheap or expensive the car you drive, it most likely does not have an ergonomic seat, just a comfortable one. The problem is, more often than not, more comfortable doesn't mean healthier, chiropractors say. The trick to adjusting your chair so that your back doesn't hurt anymore is a relatively simple one.

It's not a very big philosophy, it's really a very simple trick. You can take a towel, a very small pillow or even a blouse that you have with you, fold it so that it is not very thick, and you will put it exactly where you have this hollow in the back. This way you will practically fill the gap that is created between the back and the backrest of the car seat. Precisely because it is very hollow just like a seashell to give you that convenience“, explains Andrei Budică, physiotherapist specialist, creator of the social media page “Kineto cu Andrei”

What is the correct position in the car seat

You have to go with the seat as close to the backrest as possible and now you will see that in the first row the lumbar area is very well supportedyou can no longer hunch over and this will also make it easier for the shoulders to stay stuck to the backrest, and the head will be much closer to the headrest or even stuck”, says Andrei, who you can also find on the website kinetocuandrei.ro.

Andrei is 25 years old and has 8 years of experience in the field of physical therapy. He started volunteering in the field since high school, continuing during college, and now works in a practice in the city of Cluj-Napoca.