A cinema of the future. ISPACE, the newest immersive space in Romania, has opened its doors

ISPACE aims to redefine the way the public interacts with art and technology in an engaging and interactive way. ISPACE is a project conceived by the founding members of the new media art studio, H3 – Andrei Mitisor, Răzvan Pascu and Marius Dumitrașcu. They have turned over 10 years of experience in the development of new media installations into an ambitious initiative to bring a new dimension to the exploration of digital art.

Inspired by the desire to create a unique multisensory social experience, ISPACE sits at the intersection of immersive technology, art and edutainment. By using the latest technologies, such as 360 video projections and spatial sound, ISPACE offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of immersive shows, each bringing with it a captivating story. The immersive space is a new media art gallery, with installations inspired by fragments of nature. Viewers can explore the depths of the ocean in the movie Nautilus, or travel to outer space in Infinite Horizons, and in Art Evolved – from paint to pixels, they can discover the history of creativity in an unprecedented way.

Located on level n Mega Mall, in the area dedicated to entertainment, ISPACE measures 500 square meters and includes several areas dedicated to adults and children, an interactive space with multimedia installations, where the public can experience the micro universes created by the H3 team and the immersive space, where the shows take place.

“ISPACE is a place of immersive realities and we want it to become an edutainment space, where children learn about various topics, and adults experience worlds they have only dreamed of. We want it to be a project about the stories and worlds that make us smile and we hope that those who visit us forget about the equipment and the walls that define the space and immerse themselves completely in the story that we thought of as a cinema of the future, where the audience is no longer fixed in the seat, but can move around the film to try more perspectives. In parallel, we are working to make ISPACE a digital setting for other productions, to create a virtual reality that you can experience with other people, a place where it becomes social, and participants can interact with each other, while enjoy immersive and engaging experiences“, declares Răzvan Pascu, co-founder of ISPACE.

Thanks to its design and technical infrastructure, ISPACE is a multifunctional space, having the capacity to host a variety of events and activities. Art exhibitions, theater and dance performances, film screenings, as well as corporate events and parties can be presented here.

ISPACE can be visited every day, from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 22:00. Tickets can be purchased from ispace.ro/#bilete or directly on the spot.