A Dane impressed his girlfriend with the products bought from a Romanian store in Copenhagen

A clip posted on TikTok shows a young Danish man describing the products bought from a Romanian store to his Romanian partner. The images went viral, being viewed 1.6 million times and garnering over 100,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

The young Dane speaks in Romanian about the purchased products PHOTO Tik Tok video capture

A clip posted on TikTok by a Romanian woman settled in Denmark captures the moment of her partner's return, who impresses her with the products he bought, but also with the way he presents them in Romanian.

The video has so far garnered over 1.6 million views and 100,000 likes. The Dane enthusiastically shares with his followers the traditional Romanian products available in the store in Copenhagen.

Among the products purchased are the classic pizza-flavored Gusto and Lotto puffs, Frutti Fresh pear juice, Seven Days champagne croissants and Bake Rolls.

His Romanian girlfriend couldn't hide her amazement when her partner pulled out a jar of eggplant sausage, a Romanian red wine, mini chocolate croissants, buttermilk, frozen cherries and tea from her bag.

What delighted those who watched the clip is the Dane's ability to speak in Romanian. Romanians who watched the video praised his effort to pronounce Romanian words correctly, although it is not easy at all.

Many compatriots declared themselves impressed by the fact that the man is interested in Romanian products.

“How well he speaks Romanian! Congratulations to him, it is not an easy language”someone wrote.

“How nice of him! I was moved to tears, how nice of him”, a countryman added excitedly.

“So this video is awesome, I swear! You convey such pure love and cuteness!”, says another Romanian.

“A man who loves his woman and appreciates her culture, nationality. That means a lot,” concludes someone else.