A photo of Megan Fox, which went viral, shocked her fans: “What happened to her face?”

Megan Fox's name came up thousands of times on social media on Tuesday after fans said they were disappointed they didn't recognize her in pictures from a party at Zouk nightclub in Las Vegas on Monday. DailyMail.

Megan Fox, unrecognizable, at a party in Las Vegas, photo Facebook/Megan Fox Fans

The Oak Ridge, Tennessee-born actress, 37, was photographed and filmed with her fiance Machine Gun Kelly, 33, as they partied in Vegas with fellow celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce after the latter's Kansas City Chiefs won their second consecutive Super Bowl.

In the photo, Megan Fox and her boyfriend, pop punk rapper MGK, displayed peace signs as she wore messy pink hair tied up, a spiked necklace around her neck and a black t-shirt with a skeleton hand.

Many fans noted that the actress from “Transformers” is totally “transformed” from the one they are used to, going so far as to wonder if it was really her. One user said: “This isn't Vegas”, another wondered: “Where's Megan Fox?”, while another shared a meme that went viral last year of a woman named Tiffany Gomas having a seizure nerves on a plane, saying, “This isn't real!”.

There were not a few who considered the relationship with MGK as a potential reason for such a drastic change for the worse in the star's appearance. “That's why you shouldn't drink blood!”, one user said, while another noted: “Well, when you drink blood and meet a vampire…”. Their comments referred to statements made by Megan Fox herself at the beginning of this year, on her Instagram account. Then the actress said that she and her young partner “they drank each other's blood” to mark their engagement.

Photo of the famous actress, who is the mother of two children, 9 and 10 years old, made one of those who commented to remark ironically: “What a spectacular slide down!”.

And the negative comments didn't stop there. Some social media users have insinuated that Fox's new look is the result of plastic surgery. “One more pump in the lips and it will float!”, said one of them, while another noted that her doctor “he should be arrested on assault charges” as a result of this intervention.

While one fan posted a classic photo of the actress, asking “what happened to her” so badly to cause such a negative makeover, some simply refused to believe that the “person” who appears in the photo with the Taylor Swift couple – Travis Kelce is really Megan Fox.