The insured category that disappeared from the CNAS computer system

The problems in the IT system of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) do not end anymore. The doctors claim that the category of insured persons with minimum guaranteed income has disappeared from the computer system.

A category of insured has disappeared from the CNAS IT System – Photo Shutterstock

It is no longer a surprise how the computer system provided by CNAS for doctors works. Just a few days ago, the College of Doctors from the City of Bucharest appealed to the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) to quickly solve the dysfunctions in the SIUI system, because it disrupts the activity in all medical sectors.

Today, the president of the Association of Family Doctors Bucharest-Ilfov, Sandra Alexiu, drew attention to the fact that people who have a guaranteed minimum income no longer appear in the CNAS computer system. The doctor explained that the name of the category in which these people are classified was changed, but the change would not have been processed by the system.

Overnight, all the bitter people on the minimum income provided by the municipalities disappeared with their legal rights with everything from the SIUI, turned upside down and turned into uninsured. The bad mouths say that now they are called differently in the law, but not in the synchronized scripts (DE) of the Romanian state, so until all the little churches are rebuilt, these people, sick or not, will sit nicely on the sidelines to make savings for the government. Since they are not insured, goodbye to compensated prescriptions, referrals, hospitalizations in oncology, dialysis, palliative care or where the poor people will be, plus charges to the doctor scumbags who consulted, treated, operated on them even though they did not know about the great reset (they applies from December 31… ).“, explained family doctor Sandra Alexiu.

Severely affected by the malfunctioning IT system are patients who constantly need treatment, even those with cancer.

Specifically, there is now a mismatch between the databases of institutions such as schools, town halls, institutions for disabled people and the CNAS database, according to Euronews.

Medical services will not be billed for these people, who have been classified as uninsured, according to the family doctor.