A policeman got behind the wheel drunk and drove into the property of a judge. The surveillance cameras caught it all on

A policeman from Turnu Măgurele, in his free time, filed a criminal case after causing a road accident.

The policeman drove his car into a fence PHOTO: Video capture

A 32-year-old police officer from Turnu Măgurele, a policeman at the Turnu Măgurele Public Order Office, got behind the wheel drunk.

On this background, the policeman missed a curve and drove into the gates of a house, the property of a female judge in the city. Along the way, the car also broke the gas pipe and stopped in the walls of a house.

The moment was captured by a surveillance camera.

Next to the agent, there was another young man in the car, a trainee at the Turnu Măgurele Police, but none of them was seriously injured.

Following the call to 112, the police arrived at the scene of the accident. The driver was tested with the breathalyzer, which resulted in a value of 0.88 mg/l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air. “Since such behaviors are not tolerated among the police, the management of IPJ Teleorman has ordered checks to be carried out through the Internal Control structure, in order to establish the existence/non-existence of disciplinary misconduct for improper behavior in the service, family or society, if it affects honor, professional probity of the policeman or the prestige of the institution“, according to IPJ Teleorman.

The driver has a criminal record for driving under the influence of alcohol.