A psychologist explains the risks of sleeping in separate beds as a couple

Sleeping with your loved one can bring a multitude of benefits, while sleeping in separate beds can lead to a distance in the couple's relationship, draws the attention of psychologist Iulia Barca.

Iulia Barca: Sleeping with the loved one is a proof of vulnerability Photo: Archive

Sleeping with your loved one can bring a multitude of benefits, one of them being a better connection with your partner if you think about hugs, mornings where we spend a few moments together before starting our day, or even pre-sleep rituals. sleep”, explains psychologist Iulia Barca, in a material published by smartliving.ro.

Although opinions can be divided regarding sleeping separately, there are both arguments for and against, the specialist draws attention to the fact that: “it is important to consider the fact that both partners must feel satisfied with the decision taken and there should not be a situation where one gives in for the sake of the other, although his need is different”. “In this last situation, sleeping in separate beds can lead to a distance in the couple's relationship,” adds Iulia Barca.

The psychologist states that sleeping apart is due to discomfort during sleep, caused by the partner, which leads to insufficient rest and accumulated irritability that will then spill over onto the other, the source of our stress. “Rest is important, and according to this premise, sleeping in separate beds can be considered to contribute positively to the progress of the relationship“, stated Iulia Barca.

According to the psychologist, one of the reasons why we want to sleep separately can be the temperature in the room, a chapter where there will usually be misunderstandings between couples, because the temperature felt by women is colder than that felt by men.

The specialist points out, however, that this is not necessarily a reason for us to end up sleeping separately, but rather, if we do not reach an agreement, it can be a signal that we have difficulty making compromises that take into account the needs of both. The same, the specialist explains, is also true for sleeping quietly or with the light on.

The psychologist also mentions that sleeping together increases the feeling of closeness and connection as a couple. “Sleeping with a loved one is a sign of vulnerability, as we cannot control the way we sleep, the way we look when we sleep or the sounds we make… This way a connection is formed with a partner with whom we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and who we trust won't judge us for the way we sleep“, stated Iulia Barca, drawing attention on the other hand that we should be careful when we communicate to the other that we would like to sleep in separate beds if we come to this conclusion.