A Romanian tells what it's like at a barbecue in Germany: “We had 15 guests and he had 4 steaks. Well, I was hungry”

A Romanian settled in Germany greatly amused his compatriots and sparked hundreds of reactions on the Internet when he told his experience with German barbecues.

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A Romanian went viral on Tik Tok when he shared his experience of going to a barbeque with a German.

“There were 15 guests and they had 4 steaks. So I was simply hungry, I don't know about me, invited to the barbecue, by the way. Get-beget Germans never value the quantity of food at a barbecue.

Drink as much as you can, drink to put in your head too. Here are people who enjoy. It was not the case. We were invited to a barbecue and had a normal morning meal. I got there at noon, the fire was made, as a rule, 2 o'clock is not respected, it was made later, 3-4.

Well, I was hungry, I wanted to grab those chairs. And I was about 15, without children. Germans get-beget, so I'm talking about Germans-Germans. Four very large steaks on the grill. That was all, me!

A piece came to us, he gave us a piece of family. So a piece of family meat, he cut it into four like that. I couldn't believe it.

And then they finally came to their senses and brought out some normal cream sausages. They asked us to taste something else. But drink, enough for three barbecues. So I couldn't believe it, that's how I am,” our countryman told with humor.

“You eat what you bring. Drink, no problem”

After talking with some German friends, the Romanian clarified how things are. In fact, it is not different from how you go to a barbecue in Romania: you eat what you bring.

“That's how the Germans are, I've talked before, after what happened to me, I talked with a friend, that we also have German friends here. They told us that it's like that here, we don't make a lot of food. There are others who inform you: . That is, you come with the package, with meat to the package. Drink, no problem here. Because they all have bars in their house, they all invited me to taste their wines, they have a cellar, they have a place to store their wines, but you bring food from home”, added the Romanian.

“They asked us how many potatoes we each ate”

As expected, the Romanian's funny post sparked hundreds of reactions from our compatriots, among the most diverse and motley.

“You didn't know, he makes the barbecue, but you had to bring what you want to eat… I've heard something like that before”, someone wrote.

“I went to an Austrian barbecue and they asked us how many potatoes we each ate”, supports another Romanian with humor.

“Wait and see the Dutch. Do they ask you before about how much meat you eat? 200 grams is ok?”, continues on the same note someone else.

“You go to Sicily, from the moment you arrive they sit you down at the table and for about 2.3 hours that's all you do, you eat”, someone else recounts the experience in Italy.

“In Spain we used to grill all kinds of meat, salads + dessert. The Spaniards would come and eat, but they never invited you.” says another Romanian.

“In Italy, the same. When we organize parties and invite them, they are amazed”, continues a compatriot.

“The idea of ​​barbecuing with 10-15 other people means that everyone brings what they want from home or goes shopping together,” concluded a Romanian woman.