A Romanian woman traveled to the end of the world with her puppy. What was the biggest challenge FOTO faced

Roxana Cârceag, a young woman from Brasov who is passionate about traveling, took the big step in the adventure of her life, exploring the world with her most loyal companion, the puppy Joy. From Romania to the end of the world, in Ushuaia, they traveled together over 30,000 km, changing dozens of planes, buses, tuk-tuks and taxis.

Roxana and Joy at the “end of the world” PHOTO HAIHUI

With a heart full of courage and eyes full of dreams, she and her non-speaking friend embarked on a journey that took them through spectacular landscapes and unique experiences. Roxana and Joy have become an inspirational example for unconventional travel.

“I want to show people that nothing can stop them from traveling longer, cheaper or maybe with their pets”says Roxana.

The challenges of traveling with animals

Their journey was by no means without obstacles, on the contrary. Roxana ran into numerous barriers, from refusals for accommodation and transport to additional prices and restrictions in various places. The problems start with the transport, especially when it comes to the plane.

If for people it's simple – to enter a country you need a passport, proof outbound flights and sometimes accommodation, for traveling with the dog things get complicated: the owner he must know what is required for the dog to enter that country, what is required to get out of that country and what is needed to enter the next country. And you can't find this information on the Internet. Not only is it extremely hard to getthe documents for the dog, but even after you have them all you cannot be sure that you actually have everythingshe confessed, disappointed, in an article published on her blog, haihuicuswitrocs.com.

Roxana and Joy on the plane jpg

Along the journey of more than 30,000 kilometers, which included more than 70 places to stay, the woman from Brasov says that Latin America raised her biggest problems, including financial ones.

“I knew before leaving that it would be difficult, but when I arrived in Latin America I ran into the most rigid barriers of all the trips so far, just because I have a puppy with me(…) In Latin America the costs it was at least 50 euros-100 euros (250 lei-500 lei) for documents in each country, some accommodations charge a substantial additional fee for the dog, as well as in the taxi”continued Roxana.

Roxana and Joy in Latin America 2 jpg

From barriers to joys

However, each obstacle overcome brought with it new lessons and joys. Roxana and Joy had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people, explore diverse cultures, and experience unique adventures throughout their journey.

“Being denied accommodation with Joy, to take the bus or simply to enter restaurants, I was forced to change my approach and state and start convincing people that Joy is a well-behaved dog and that she does not create no problem”the woman said.

Roxana and Joy near the glacier jpg

Through their experience, Roxana and Joy aim to change perceptions and open minds, promoting a more animal-friendly travel world.

The more we prove that dogs are also educated, if of course the owners educate them with care and attention, the surrounding people and owners of facilities are more open to receive tourists with animals, points out Roxana.

A dream turned into reality

Roxana and Joy's journey is an outstanding example of courage, determination and dedication. Since 2009, Roxana has been traveling constantly, organizing every trip abroad completely by herself to discover the world as it is.

Roxana and Joy with the Romanian flag jpg

Her passion for traveling has also become a source of inspiration and information for friends and acquaintances, whom she helps with well-crafted plans for the most beautiful and affordable trips in Europe, Asia and Africa. From dream to reality , this daring adventure proves that there are no limits when you follow your passion and listen to your heart.