Alexandru Rafila: The hospitals in Cluj and Iași will probably be among the most advanced hospitals in the European Union

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, declared that the regional emergency hospitals in Cluj and Iasi will be the most advanced in Romania, and even some of the most advanced in the European Union.

At the Victoria Palace, the signing ceremony for the launch of the first phase for the construction of the Iasi Regional Emergency Hospital and the Cluj Regional Emergency Hospital took place. Event attended by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu. On this occasion, Alexandru Rafila highlighted the importance of training human resources, so that young doctors can work in these hospitals, according to Agerpres.

They will certainly be the most advanced hospitals in Romania and probably some of the most advanced hospitals in the European Union, as well as the level of service provision, serving the area of ​​Moldova, Transylvania and Oltenia. Bucharest, for example, which has many emergency hospitals, can cope in another way, but there is certainly a need in Bucharest too for new hospital institutions that meet these quality standards of patient care“, said Alexandru Rafila.

At the same time, the minister specified that at the end of 2021, when he took over the ministerial portfolio, all three projects for regional hospitals only had feasibility studies, without the procedures for drawing up technical studies. The drafting of the technical projects for the three hospitals took about a year, and later the tenders for the actual start of the constructions in Cluj and Iaşi were completed. By the way, the same thing will happen”in the next period” and for the Craiova hospital, the Minister of Health also said. The deadline for regional hospitals is 48 months.

I think that the strong message that we must all give, because this time it is a true message, it is not a demagogic message, is the following: Romania is building hospitals. Whether we are discussing hospitals from the National Recovery and Resilience Program, which have a relatively short deadline for completion, or whether we are discussing these regional hospitals which (…) have a slightly longer deadline and have a different funding source, we build This is the most important thing“, said the minister.