Adina Vălean: Iohannis has every chance for a position at the European level. It would be our turn. Poland has always been

The European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, claims that President Klaus Iohannis “has every chance” to obtain a far-reaching European position, including that of President of the European Council, the PNL representative also explaining why Romania would be entitled to an important position.

Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport PHOTO Inquam Photos

I think he has every chance. However, his lordship is not alone. It represents Romania, it represents all of us. So what are Romania's chances of getting a high-level position? Of course, not everyone from Romania can access it, it's about the president, especially a president with a long term, which makes him well-known in the European and international environment. He has every chance. It is true, and his lordship said it in the speech in Strasbourg, that the countries of Eastern Europe have not yet reached their full potential in occupying high-level positions in Europe, it still somehow remains the older boys' club. If we look to the East, Romania stands out. Poland had two opportunities, it was the president of the European Parliament (Jerzy Buzek) and the president of the European Council (Donald Tusk)“, said Adina Vălean, in an interview given to Insider Politic, on Prima TV.

Poland has always been, now Romania should naturally, and by the fact that we have a position of stability, of seriousness in European policies, of support for all. We are a positive element. Plus the fact that we are a big country. So he has every chance“, concluded the Romanian commissioner from Brussels.

Asked if President Iohannis could get the headship of the European Council, Vălean was optimistic. “I think it can. Of course it's a kind of competition, negotiation, lobbying. Of course his lordship doesn't have to lobby personally, I'm sure he has electoral agents. Nothing is established at the moment, except for the proposal of the EPP – Ursula von Der Leyen for the head of the European Commission. There is generally a good understanding of the division of functions between political and geographical families. That's why I say: if we look towards Eastern Europe, Romania stands out. It would be our turn“, added the PNL representative.