Becali, “furious” after Rapid – FCSB: “Humiliation, mockery!” His tirade left the studio speechless

Rapid – FCSB confirmed, once again, that at a club dominated by amateurism imposed by an out-of-control patron, we are talking about Gigi Becali, successes can only be accidental. In fact, in our modest championship, FCSB became a contender for the title, having the status of “chiro in the land of the blind“.

Gigi Becali, FCSB patron. PHOTO: The Truth Archive

However, on Saturday, at a crucial moment in the fight for the title, the team from Berceni imploded. Fast – FCSB, a “football slaughter” whose film was offered by Adevărul here, clearly showed this situation.

And the result caused a nervous breakdown to Gigi Becali! Who entered the Fanatik Superliga show, moderated by Horia Ivanovici on Prima Sport 1, and made a mess!

What did Gigi Becali say after Rapid – FCSB?

*A shameful game, not a disappointing one. What happened is mockery, not humiliation! How can you feel, if I can't pick a single player out of 11? (no – who played well at FCSB). They were a football team, we weren't. They gave their lives on the field, we didn't.

*If Olaru, Coman, Tavi Popescu were zero… I'm not talking about Târnovanu anymore. I wonder if he still enters the gate. I would put Vlad in. At the first goal, he had to go out. And he made a mistake on the one from the short corner. He's scared. It was his ball.

*Coman took them all to pull the team after him. He started to dribble like in the old days. Olaru, the team captain, zero. I take out Tavi (no – Octavian Popescu), I put in a 16-year-old.

*The first half was ours. But we scored that goal because of Târnovanu's mistake. He didn't come out to catch the ball, he took a goal from Iacob.

*I didn't have any players on the field, nothing! It's a game, you need manhood. Florinel Coman was zero.

*I was supposed to take Krasniqi. I talked to someone from the staff that he doesn't play at CFR Cluj, but look what happened. In my life I don't do that anymore, when I want to take a player. People told me that he doesn't play at CFR, that where does he play instead of Coman at FCSB? You also consult with the staff. But now I never do that again.