Dream places you can visit in winter in Romania. They are perfect for the February school holidays VIDEO PHOTO

Romania has no shortage of beautiful places, and every season has its magic. In winter, some places in our country seem straight out of fairy tales.

Winter landscape Romania. PHOTO calatorinbascheti.ro

Our country is of amazing natural beauty, which is revealed in full during the winter. The snow-covered mountain landscapes are nothing short of spectacular, and winter activities such as skiing, skating or hiking offer a great way to enjoy nature.

Lake Colibița, located in the Bârgăului Mountains, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Romania. In winter, the lake is covered by a thick layer of ice, which creates an amazing landscape. You can take a walk on the ice, you can ski or you can simply enjoy the wonderful view.

Colibița Lake.  PHOTO stiribn.ro

Colibița Lake. PHOTO stiribn.ro

Porumbacu de Sus is a traditional Romanian village, located in the Făgăraș Mountains. Here, you can experience the real Christmas celebration, with authentic customs and traditions.

You can also go mountain hiking, skiing or visit the “Calendar Story” Theme Park, which is a special attraction for children.

Porumbacu de Sus fairytale land.  PHOTO blog.travelminit.ro

Porumbacu de Sus fairytale land. PHOTO blog.travelminit.ro

Vatra Dornei is a popular mountain resort, located in the Călimani Mountains. Here, you can find a variety of winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, skating and hiking. You can also visit the surrounding monasteries, which are true jewels of Romanian religious architecture.

Valea Prahova is a mountainous region located north of Bucharest. Here, you can find many mountain resorts, such as Sinaia, Bușteni, Azuga or Predeal. These resorts offer a variety of winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and hiking.

Ski slope from Valea Prahova.  PHOTO gds.ro

Ski slope from Valea Prahova. PHOTO gds.ro

The Bucegi Mountains are a popular destination for winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowboarding and hiking. Babel and the Sphinx are also located here, two unique geological formations that are an important tourist attraction, as well as Omu Peak.

The Făgăraș Mountains are the highest mountains in Romania. Here, you can find a variety of mountain trails that offer amazing views. Also, here is the Moldoveanu peak, the highest peak in Romania.

Vârful Moldoveanu / Alina Raulea / Youtube

Sinaia – Peles Castle, with its impressive architecture, is fascinating in any season, but becomes truly spectacular in a blanket of snow. The nearby ski resort offers excellent opportunities for winter sports.

Photo source: Catelul Peleș

Photo source: Catelul Peleș

Maramureș – Mocănița de la Viseu de Sus: A unique experience in winter is the journey by mocănița in the snow-covered landscape of Maramureș. The picturesque landscapes and local traditions make this trip a memorable experience.

The Danube Delta offers another perspective on winter in Romania. Tourists can explore the frozen canals and admire the unique landscapes of the Delta in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Rânca is a ski resort located in the Parâng Mountains and offers excellent conditions for winter sports lovers. The mountain scenery is spectacular and the ski slopes are suitable for all levels of experience.

Located in the Făgăraș Mountains, the Vălul Miresei Waterfall is also spectacular in winter, when the water freezes and creates an enchanting picture.

Bride's Veil Waterfall | Rachitele | Apuseni Natural Park. Source: Florin Coraș