“Adrenaline”, a show that explores the theme of contemporary addiction and recent pop culture, premiering at the Excelsior Theater

The Excelsior Theater – the only theater in Bucharest dedicated to teenagers and young adults – announces the premiere of the show “Adrenaline” by Gabriel Sandu – a production that explores the theme of contemporary addiction in various forms and recent pop culture.

Gabriel Sandu signs the text and direction of the show

The show is being performed in the Studio Room of the Excelsior Theater and will have its official premiere on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

“Adrenaline” represents a journey through time, in the heart of the 2000s, through the lens of a dance band made up of three teenage girls who shocked an entire country. Their meteoric success only lasted one summer, but the thrill of being on stage in front of thousands of people chanting their names sealed their fate for life. 20 years later, the three decide to reunite for an anniversary concert, giving people an honest foray into the world of one summer's fame and all the controversy that followed. The show becomes an opportunity to revisit and discuss the aesthetics of the 2000s, the sound, the values ​​and the obsessions of the time, through the lens of three powerful characters. Reflective costumes and dance rhythms accompany the three young women from glory to the depths of each of their lives. Dependencies and toxic relationships intertwine in an organic story. The reunion of the band is not only a moment of celebration, but also an opportunity for self-discovery, where the vibrant setting of the 2000s transforms before our eyes, reflecting the realities of today”explains Gabriel Sandu, the author of the show.

Along with Gabriel Sandu, who signs the text and direction of the show, the creative team of the show also includes Clara Ștefana (scenography), Ruxandra Bobleagă (choreography and lighting design), Miruna Croitoru (video and lighting design), PLUSHY (music), Andreea Găzdaru (psychological consultant), Maria Alexievici (musical training).

The cast of the show “Adrenaline” is made up of the actresses of the Excelsior Theatre: Dana Marineci, Oana Predescu, Iulia Samson. Video Featured: reallyrux.

“Adrenaline” is a confession show. It tells the intense life experiences of three women who lived their adolescence in the spotlight. Aspirational, right? But at what cost? Tina, the character I play, is a talented, intelligent woman, but with a passion that will destroy her life. The meeting with the other two band mates is an opportunity to shake off old habits and change. The show raises an important question: Addictions are the problem, or what is hidden behind the addictions? Failure, fear of abandonment, shame, lack of meaning; what is the source of the pain?”Oana Predescu, actress, plays the character Tina.

Adrenaline show

The show brings into discussion the aesthetics of the 2000s. Photo: Andrei Gîndac

“Sori was in a pop dance band when she was 14. She, Tina and Lala performed all summer across the country. They only had two songs composed but that didn't matter. Then a monster scandal involving an anti-drug tour followed and they fell out of the public eye. In the show we meet them after 20 years. Sori has become a successful corporate woman who works hard and tries to define herself only by what she works for. All that was in the past was cut off, hidden, disavowed, forgotten. That's how he coped with the pain”Iulia Samson, actress, about the role of Sori.

“Lala is a nostalgic, a woman-child with a child, a man suspended in a past to which he tries to find meaning. A man who gives himself up to chance and sinks into spirituality out of the need for belonging and control, and his slip-ups become sympathetic thanks to humor and optimism”, Dana Marineci, actress, about the role of Lala.

Gabriel Sandu, a multidisciplinary artist

Gabriel Sandu (b. 1988) is a multidisciplinary theater and film artist, director and screenwriter, with extensive experience in acting and journalism. Passionate about the docu-fiction genre, Gabriel Sandu often uses the tools of investigative journalism to document the themes of his creations, later turning to fiction to explore new performative dimensions.

His plays have been translated into English, French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Greek. He directed theater performances that were selected in national and international festivals (Sibiu FITS International Theater Festival, Synergy Novi Sad, Serbia, Bucharest Fringe Festival, Piatra Neamț Theater Festival, Colloquium, Gheorgheni, River Side Studios, London).

His first short fiction film, “Dislocated”, was selected in the TIFF 2022 competition, ZFR section. In September 2022, Gabriel Sandu presented the work-in-progress documentary “Ego trip” at SAC@Malmaison, as part of the Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor event.

In 2023, he signed the dramaturgy of the show “10 things we lost” at the Mamaia Festival, which he co-directed together with Elena Morar, at the Constanța State Theatre.

During this period, Gabriel Sandu continues filming for the documentary “The Hopeful History of Mihaela Runceanu”, produced by Manifest Film.

The show

The show has its official premiere on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at 19:00 Photo: Andrei Gîndac

“Adrenaline”, by Gabriel Sandu

– first in the country –

With: Dana Marineci, Oana Predescu, Iulia Samson, reallyrux (video appearance)

Directed by: Gabriel Sandu

Scenography: Clara Stefana

Choreography: Ruxandra Bobleăgă

Lighting design: Ruxandra Bobleaga, Miruna Croitoru

Video: Miruna Croitoru


Psychological consultant: Andreea Găzdaru

Musical preparation: Maria Alexievici

Delegate producer: Camelia Moroianu

Poster: Ale Trușca

Duration of the show: 1h 40min

Age recommendation: 14+

Tickets can be purchased both online, directly from the theater's website, and in physical form, from the theater's box office.

For organized groups of students, reservations can be made at the e-mail address [email protected].