After today's tie with CFR, the champion Farul risks not entering the play-off

Farul Constanţa ended in a draw with CFR Cluj, 1-1 (0-0), on Saturday evening, at home, in Ovidiu, in a match from the 29th stage of the football Superleague, the penultimate of the regular season.

The home team's goal. Photo:

Farul opened the scoring through Ronaldo Deaconu (65), after a pass provided by Louis Munteanu.

The Cluj players equalized at the end, through the Albanian defender Arlind Ajeti (82), after a ball rejected by Constantin Grameni, at a corner.

Champion Farul has one win and two draws in the last four stages and risks not entering the play-offs. CFR has two wins and two draws in the last four stages, having played three away matches. In the round, CFR won 3-1.

FC Farul Constanta – FC CFR 1907 Cluj 1-1 (0-0)Hagi Academy – Central Stadium, Ovidiu Scored: Ronaldo Deaconu (65), respectively Arlind Ajeti (82).

Referee: George Cătălin Găman (Craiova); assistant referees: George Florin Neacşu (Câmpulung Muscel), Ciprian Florin Danşa (Satu Mare); fourth official: Andrei Moroiţă (Ploiesti) Video referee: Ionuţ Coza (Cernica); video assistant referee: Valentin Avram (Bucharest)

Observers: Cristian Nica (Ploiesti) – CCA, Constantin Stătescu (Bucharest) – LPF