The Forza Dreptei party announces its candidates for the sector town halls. Nicusor Dan, the candidate for PMB

The Forţa Dreptei party has established its candidates for the sector mayors in the Capital. The political formation also reiterated its support for the current mayor of Caitele, recently appointed candidate of the USR-FD-PMP alliance.

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The candidates of the Forța Dretei party are:

Horia Grigorescu – District 1 City Hall;

Oana Nicolescu – District 2 City Hall;

Catalin Nițu – District 3 City Hall;

Ciprian Grigore Pericleanu – District 4 City Hall;

Bogdan Francu – District 5 City Hall;

Ionel Puscas – District 6 City Hall.

At the same time, according to Agerpres, for the Capital City Hall, Ludovic Orban, the president of Forza Dreptei, announced that it was decided to support the current mayor of the Capital City, Nicusor Dan.

“This vile, undemocratic, unconstitutional decision to force Romanians to vote to elect their mayors, local councilors, presidents and county councilors, is taken for several perverse reasons. First and foremost, it is taken against us. This is the real reason, because they know very well that in the first phase we only laid the foundations of an alliance for the elections for the European Parliament, that we are three distinct political formations that, faced with the obligation to prepare for the local elections, will have to do these things in a month. In a month, let's harmonize, let's establish our mayoral candidates, given that in many localities there are good mayoral candidates from the USR, from the Right Force, and from the PMP, let's try to prepare strategic for such a battle as the local elections, given that we will face 2,900 mayors belonging to PSD and PNL“, declared Orban.

The party leader also claimed that city hall officials are “half-turned into electoral agents”, and local councilors are in the same situation.

“Over 30,000 local councilors, hundreds of thousands of city hall employees, half of whom are transformed into electoral agents, especially in rural areas and small towns, with all the sinecures put in through the back door, through public institutions, in ministries, agencies decentralized, in state companies that will become election agents overnight“, Ludovic Orban said.

About the merger of the elections, Orban stated that he represents a “attempt to hijack the vote of the citizens, (…) to prevent the free exercise of the vote of the citizens”.

“I can't believe that after 34 years since the Revolution, a government in Romania can dare to announce that it is amending the electoral legislation 3 months before the elections without any public consultation, by emergency ordinance, under the conditions in which we have I don't know how many confirmations of the fact that such attempts clearly represent an attempt at electoral fraud, an attempt to hijack the citizens' vote, an attempt to prevent the free exercise of the citizens' vote. And what do these cowards propose who, whatever they set up, they set up out of fear, out of fear of people, out of fear that sooner or later the revolt against insensitivity will manifest, they are proposing some absolutely unacceptable things; with three months and a few days they say that the date of the elections will be the date of June 9”, the president of the Forţa Dreptei party also affirmed.