Al Di Meola: “Thanks to the Romanian doctors I have a new life!”

The Palace Hall in Bucharest witnessed a series of memorable events for the international music industry. Al Di Meola, the well-known American guitarist, gathered in the auditorium roars of applause for minutes on end.

The audience had an impressive feeling at the end of the show, when the artist went on stage wearing a t-shirt that read “I Love Romania”. The audience immediately responded with roars of applause and shouts of delight, reinforcing the special connection that Al Di Meola has with our country.

However, the moment that remained imprinted in the memory of all those present was not a musical one, but an emotional and deeply personal one. The artist began his performance with a tribute to a remarkable Romanian doctor, without whom perhaps this evening would not have taken place at all. Last year, in a dramatic circumstance, Al Di Meola suffered a heart attack on the concert stage or at the Roman Arenas. It was that crucial moment, when the prompt intervention of the Romanian doctor literally saved him from death.

In addition to the impressive gesture of gratitude, the guitarist invited on stage another great artist, Ovidiu Lipan Șăndărică, who offered a sensational show alongside Al Di Meola. Their collaboration was simply magical, making the audience vibrate with joy and excitement.

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At the end of the show, while the audience applauded wildly, Al Di Meola thanked everyone present from the bottom of his heart and made an unforgettable statement: “I feel overwhelmed with emotions. Thanks to the Romanian doctors, I have a new life, and this wonderful evening will remain imprinted in my soul forever. Thank you, Romania!”

Radu Groza, the organizer of the event, made sure everything was perfect and was very well received by everyone involved in the show. This was just one more detail that contributed to the success and emotional impact of that evening.

Al Di Meola continues to demonstrate not only his exceptional musical talent, but also his big heart and gratitude towards those who saved his life. And his meeting with the passionate Romanian public was certainly a unique and memorable moment for all those present in the hall. Together with the people from, we prepared personalized T-shirts for him, which he wore on stage as a sign of appreciation for our Romanians who saved his life”said Radu Groza, the organizer of the event.