Alarming increase in inflammatory bowel disease in young people

Isabella Grosu, president of an association that represents people affected by inflammatory bowel diseases, emphasized that the incidence of these conditions is increasing, and the age at which they are diagnosed is decreasing.

Intestinal diseases, increasingly common among young patients – Photo Shutterstock

If before, 20 or so years ago, you didn't really know what (…) Crohn's disease is, now there are more and more patients who come, are admitted to hospitals, hospitalized, including children, young people. The age of diagnosis also decreases“, said Isabella Grosu, on Wednesday, during a press conference on the occasion of the World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Day, estimating that there are 15,000 Romanian patients with these diseases, according to Agerpres.

The President of the Association of People Affected by Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases in Romania (ASPIIR) highlighted the main difficulties encountered by patients, including the lack of compensation for specific nutrition. Isabella Grosu also noted that those over the age of 18 and affected by these diseases do not benefit from free services from psychologists and nutritionists through the health system.

For her part, the president of the National Health Insurance House, Valeria Herdea, emphasized the importance of health education and consultation with the family doctor.

With children, maybe it's a little simpler, because the parents are scared and come more often, but during adolescence things get out of control (…) . At the moment, not all schools are populated with doctors (…), collaboration is rather precarious between the medical echelons“, said Valeria Herdea.

Last but not least, presidential adviser Diana Păun emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and access to treatment, elements “crucial” to improve patients' quality of life.

For her outstanding contribution, Isabella Grosu was awarded the Order of Merit for the Promotion of Human Rights and Social Commitment in the rank of Knight by the head of state.

According to an ASPIIR press release, a survey conducted by the organization's representatives in April among young people and parents of children with inflammatory bowel disease shows that up to 25% of patients are diagnosed before the age of 20. The results show that 58% of young patients or parents of children with these conditions believe that the transition from a pediatrician to an adult doctor is a source of stress, and 85% consider a slow transition essential, with an adaptation period of at least a year .