Earn money by walking other people's dogs. The small business of a young man from Iasi. How much does this service cost?

A young man from Iasi, who wanted to get pocket money, developed, over time, a small business that brings him substantial amounts every month. Thus, a simple idea, originating also from the love for animals, turned into an advantageous passion.

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Even if he currently has another job, the young man says that he also makes time for his small business, as he does not consider the activity to require too much effort.

From the desire to make pocket money, he ended up in a small business

Robert, a 24-year-old young man from the city of Iași, tried, during the time when he was a student, to find an activity through which he could get pocket money. Thus, he posted several ads on the Internet offering to walk dogs for people who could not do so.

At first it was quite difficult, people don't really trust anyone. I had a few clients in a month, it was enough for me, I had money to sometimes go out to a restaurant, in the city with friends. I started by posting ads on Facebook groups, where there are a lot of people. There are also groups dedicated to people who have pets. From there I had my first clients, and some of them collaborate with me even today“, said Robert.

How small business works

Robert told how the small business he managed to set up works and revealed that depending on the services the clients want, he also sets the rates.

I went from a few customers a month to between 10 and 15 customers every week. In the meantime, I also got a job, because I completed my studies, but I also continue this activity because it gives me a lot of pleasure and I also manage to have an additional income. People call me and make appointments, mostly on weekends. Many clients leave me the key to the apartment, and I go and collect the animals, take them for a walk for an hour and give them water and food. If you don't love animals, you can't do this activity. Animals feel the connection with man“, the young man from Iași tells.

Robert also shared that he wanted to become a veterinarian as a child, but he was never able to fulfill his dream.

When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents', in the country, where we had a lot of animals, not just dogs and cats. I always said I wanted to be a veterinarian, an animal doctor, as I knew it was then. In the meantime, I discovered other passions, and technology led me to another career. However, my passion continues through my small business“, Robert also said.

Robert revealed that the rates he charges are between 50 and 150 lei, depending on the needs of the customers and the time spent with the pets. At the same time, the young man told that there are people who have subscribed and pay, every month, a certain amount to benefit from his services.