Alexandru Rafila, about the reason why Romanians do not get vaccinated

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, raised the alarm over the level of measles vaccination, for example, and appealed to parents to immunize their children.

PHOTO Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

“We reached a vaccination level of only 60 percent. The mistrust of immunization started in 2008 when we had the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus Infection-ed.) vaccination campaign that was not done properly, the benefits were not explained, and people reacted and rejected the campaign. Then there was the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Romanians distrusted vaccination”, said Alexandru Rafila at Digi24.

Minister's statements

– There is also mistrust in the health system, and this also translates into mistrust in vaccination

-In a world without vaccines, we would have millions of children and adults dead per year

-During the Covid vaccine scandal, we undertook to buy 39 million doses, a totally unrealistic figure

– We couldn't buy so many doses, it was an enormous amount, we have 8 million vaccinated people

– We have a problem with the family doctors, I hope we can solve it, we took out 700 new posts in addition to the several thousand

– The Single Integrated Information System – CNAS Portal – will be modified because it is outdated. The new system will even allow fraud to be discovered. If a doctor consulted, according to the documents, in one day how much in 80 hours is a problem