The impressions of some tourists from Greece about Romania: “An amazing country” VIDEO

Maria and Olivia, two tourists from Greece, visited Bucharest and Brașov for several days, going to several special places in our country.

Maria and Olivia spent several days in Romania PHOTO YouTube

The two tourists, originally from Athens, made several videos related to their impressions of Romania, videos posted on their YouTube channel and which recorded more than 12,000 views and comments.

“Thanks to the trip I made to Bucharest, I somehow plunged into the history of Romania, this amazing country, and tasted several excellent culinary dishes. We really liked the buildings in the central area of ​​Bucharest, they have an ineffable charm”says Maria.

Maria and Olivia stopped for more than an hour at the well-known church of Stravopoleos.

On the culinary side, the two Greek women ate mushroom stew with polenta and sarmale at a terrace in the center of the Capital. “The food is excellent and filling, and as for the drinks, we tried brandy and cranberry, but we liked the cranberry better. To be honest, I expected the brandy to be stronger”says Olivia.

One of the two tourists' favorite stops was at the Parliament Palace. “It's just amazing how big this building can be. I read somewhere that recently the Palace of Parliament was valued at four billion dollars. The price is crazy. And who would have the money to pay all the utilities in such a giant building, one of the largest in the world?”Maria wonders.

From Bucharest, Maria and Olivia went by train to Brașov, which they say that “It's an absolutely delightful city. Brasov is full of history, beauty and delicious food. At the same time, it is a city with a complicated and at the same time very interesting history”. And in Brașov, the places they liked the most were the Black Church and Council Square.

And Maria and Olivia's impressions were useful to other foreign tourists as well, some of them admitting that they chose to visit Romania after seeing the footage.

“I also arrived in Brașov, and your filming helped me organize my trip. And you were absolutely right. Romania is clearly a country worth visiting for several days”commented Stacy, a tourist from the United States of America, on YouTube.