Alin Oprea, 18 years after the breakup of Talisman, about Tavi Colen: “He stabbed me in the back” VIDEO

Years ago, Alin Oprea and Tavi Colen formed a formidable team as lead singers of the band Talisman, but they parted ways for good in 2006. More than 18 years after the split, Alin Oprea revealed, exclusively for Click!, the real reasons that led to the breakup of the band.

Alin Oprea and Tavi Colen have not buried the hatchet even now.

Alin Oprea: “Only success, money and women mattered to Tavi!”

The two former colleagues ended up not talking to each other at all, after the break that occurred in 2006, and since then, the only one who came forward with such accusations was Tavi Colen.

“The saying fits Tavi Colen: <> He stabbed me in the back, not the other way around! He stole my life's work, not the other way around! He was never interested in work, music or the public. Only success, money and women mattered!”said Alin Oprea now.

Alin Oprea and Tavi Colen, when they formed the band Talisman. PHOTO Click!

“I named the band! He thought he was referring to the “Taliban”

Alin Oprea was outraged by the denigration of his former colleague and told how the Talisman project started:

“Tavi didn't even know what the word Talisman meant. He had to consult the dictionary when I proposed this title to him, thinking that it refers to <> (…) Tracks from the first album Talisman 1997, including the mega hit <<Talisman>> they were composed by me and performed since 1993 with the bands Sin, Compact and Sfinx Experience but also solo”.

“Tavi abusively proclaimed himself the President of the Talisman Cultural Foundation”

Alin Oprea also spoke about how distrust came to be.

“In 1998, Tavi Colen abusively proclaimed himself the President of the Talisman Cultural Foundation, the body that managed all the band's activity: contracts, money and assets of the Talisman Formation, while I remained practically without any patrimonial rights. If until then we were like two brothers, after this moment, my trust in Tavi Colen disappeared, considering his action of the self-proclaimed President of the Talisman Foundation, as TREASON!”, the soloist explained.

Alin revealed, for the first time, that Tavi would have resorted to real emotional blackmail, setting a series of conditions so that he would not leave the band.

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