All guns on Cristiano Bergodi, after the disaster in Craiova: “Let him be fired!”

Rapid lost to University 2-1 after leading 1-0 and playing outnumbered. The failure of Giulești takes them out of the fight for the title, and the main culprit is coach Cristiano Bergodi, who did not know how to manage the matches with Farul and U, lost by the same score, 1-2.

Cristiano Bergodi, zero points collected since the start of the play-off. Sportpictures photo

Nicolae Cristescu, former financier of Višinii, saw the match from the middle of the rapidist gallery, together with shareholders Dan Șucu and Victor Angelescu. He revealed the atmosphere among the management and says bluntly that coach Cristiano Bergodi should be fired. “You should impose wins on him in the next stages, in the next 2-3 matches. I played superbly in the first half, and in the second half I didn't play anything. No one is talking anymore. We are extremely sad, dejected.

No one understands how the match was lost

We have no explanation. No one knows what to say. It will be a return road of sadness. Nobody understands anything after a first half in which you dominated. The fans absolutely sang the entire match. I stayed for half an hour after the end of the match so that the stadium could be cleared. The supporters sang, supported the team further. The team came to the lawn. The supporters did not challenge them in any way.

The whole lawn sang. It's a special gallery, I've rarely seen anything like it. They were well behaved. No one cursed the management, there is no such thing. There was no incitement. We talked to the Gendarmerie and they congratulated us. No one is talking. 90% with the title finished”declared Nicolae Cristescu, according to

You love the Fast and you go crazy

Nicolae Cristescu was upset by the fact that Rapid couldn't hold on to the result, although they opened the scoring at the beginning of the second half, and almost throughout the second half they were numerically superior against the University of Craiova. “I've never seen anything like this before at Rapid. We are Rapidul from Giulesti, love it and you will go crazy. It's incredible! We dominated copiously in the first half, Craiova only had half a chance. You're 1-0, you're outnumbered, and in the second half…

I have no logical explanation. I stayed right next to Dan Șucu and Victor Angelescu. Nobody understands anything. Naturally we are shocked. You're 1-0 and you can't hold on to the result, you're outnumbered. The atmosphere is very sad. I have no logical explanation, upon my word. We were extremely many supporters, it was seen. We put on a show in the stands, but the team put on an embarrassing show”said Nicolae Cristescu, according to the quoted source.

Both Constantin Zotta, former president of Rapid, and Helmuth Duckadam emphasized the chaos that reigns in Giulesti and think that changing the coach should be the solution to the team's recovery.