Andreea Bănică, “in a state of shock” after being threatened and cursed by a well-known rapper

The singer Andreea Bănică, aged 45, recently went through nightmare moments, after an artistic moment in Cluj. The star took to social media to vent his frustration.

Andreea Bănică was cursed and threatened by the German rapper Toni Cottura. Photo: Instagram (Archive)

Invited to perform in Cluj, the star had an unpleasant experience. The German rapper Toni Cottura was also going to perform on the same stage. In 2006, Corina Bud released the song “Quieres Una Aventura” in collaboration with Cottura.

The artist confessed on social networks that Toni Cottura addressed her with insulting words and that he threatened her, because “he waited too long to enter the scene”.

I'm in shock! This man cursed and threatened me on the stairs of the stage where I performed today in Cluj! The Man Toni Cottura from Fun Factory!! Yes, you heard that right… The band of my childhood… that you and I loved so much. I am so disappointed… I don't want to be silent anymore, my road stops directly at the police station where I will file a complaint. I don't know if you believe me, it took me a while to realize what was happening to me today…(…)

The man got angry that he waited too long to enter the stage! He did a circus there, the organizers tried to calm him down, but they didn't think about the fact that the man would spill his nerves on the first person in his way (I was coming off the stage)! And now his voice echoes in my head, the insults, the threats… I went through a lot in life, I was silent, I kept my head down, but this exceeded all limits of common sense”. the artist confessed, according to Libertatea.

“He has no business in this country”

“The man has no business in this country to sing! The man must be punished not only by the authorities but by the entire audience that loved him and sang his songs.

As long as a man allows himself to threaten me, talk bad to me, swear at me, make me «You are a piece of /Esti un c*». I can't reproduce what this man told me. I thought he came to me on stage to congratulate me, to tell me something nice. But he had come to swear at me, he had had a fight with the organizers… he had told them that I had stayed on stage too long, that he wanted to leave… In my opinion, he had taken something, consumed prohibited substances or drank alcohol… In the end, I was colleagues on stage, no matter that he is Toni Cottura from Fun Factory“, she also revealed.