Baccalaureate 2024. Reactions after the written exam in Romanian language and literature: “A little confusion in subject III”

On Monday, July 1, the 12th grade graduates took the first test of the 2024 Baccalaureate exam, the one in Romanian Language and Literature. Some high school students came out of the exam confident, but others also experienced “little hassle on subject III“.

The maturity exam was not without incident. Photo: Archive

I have prepared quite well, I think, now I have emotions like any student and I hope it will be good”, said David Sterea, student, according to Digi24.

It seemed easy to me, the “Lucky mill” fell, I didn’t expect it. It’s among my favorites. One seemed difficult to me, to find examples, especially cultural ones, and yes, I feel proud of myself, I think it will be good”, added the young man.

It was very ok, and in argumentation at 1b.”, revealed another student.

Asked if she was afraid of any subject, the student added: “Yes, the ‘Murmers’, I was afraid of the ‘Murmers’.”

It was OK. A little bit of trouble with subject III, but otherwise it was ok. It was even easier, as they said in the simulations,” another student said.

The maturity exam was not without incident, as the subjects appeared, again, before the end of the test.

The Romanian subjects appearing online were allegedly photographed and sent to the Internet from an exam center in Gorj. It would be about the Ion Mincu Technical High School in Târgu Jiu, where the school inspectors arrived urgently. They do checks to discover who leaked the subjects in Romanian Language. But, say the investigators, a student would be the culprit. He allegedly tried to delete the exam center code and the county name.

In addition, a criminal case was drawn up for committing the crime of disclosing official or non-public information.

Baccalaureate 2024. Calendar of the next tests

July 2 – mandatory profile test, written test;

July 4 – the test of the choice of the profile, the written test;

July 5 – the written test in Mother Language and Literature;

July 8 – the display of the results of the written tests until 12:00 p.m. and the submission of appeals between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.;

July 9 – 11 – resolution of appeals;

July 12 – posting of final results for BAC 202

The correction of the works will be digitized. The sheets are scanned in the classroom by the teaching assistants and then uploaded to the digital platform. Papers are randomly distributed to two teachers. The final grade is also calculated in the platform and is the average of the two grades.